The machine and the Animal

Who am I, I always asked myself? What am I to do? Is this what I should do, to get myself through? I looked at the world with big round eye’s, where is the point, where is the place, where is my face. It all feel’s so soft, so easy to break. And I jumped into the lake, as I laughed with animals, and I played with cold sea. Substance they said, but I was fed, to much of the shit, to much of the ideas and assumptions of the past. And when I shut my ears, they slapped me over my hands, they forced my eye’s open, only to give me all their fears.

I went from a animal to a machine, nothing is what it seems. I look human, because I have skin and bone, but inside me there is just machinery, and I am not home. I used to be a screaming wild burst of joy, but then I got fed the lies of the world, and I made myself a toy. A toy to this world, that needs new slaves, that makes claims, and play’s games. And people are the batteries that power a giant casino, a giant ball, it calls itself the call. And it takes you on a ride, for either a jackpot or a fall. And then you die, that is where we all end up. From animal, to machine, and back to dust. And the time in between we spend lost in temptation and lust.

Animal is what I truly am, I am a screaming bundle of joy, I love to create and I love to destroy. I am here, expressing myself fully, as a small boy. And if you look into his eye’s, you see nothing but here. You see a total standing with no fear. The eye’s are big, and they take in the entire world, as the expression moves in ecstasy and hurls and twirls. A total craze of eternal joy, as he runs screaming at the top of his lungs. Nobody can stop him, and he’s no one’s slave, you can’t tell him to not misbehave. He has no fear of death, and no knowledge, and he can’t think. He’s what we all fear, he’s the eternal joy of being here.


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