Gangs and Equal Money

I have enjoyed myself a lot today, it’s been really fun. And it’s because I have been moving myself to do research on this world, and how the money system is influencing people’s life’s at this moment.

I found a very interesting website, where they shared lot’s of documentaries. If you want to find it, just search on google: documentaries online.

And there I watched a very interesting series about people living in El Salvador that are all a part of a gang. And instead of gang, I wrote gain. Which is pretty describing. Because the gang is basically put together to ensure survival of individuals. They protect each-others interest, which is money, and which is survival. And around this they have built an enormous cult, which all participants are totally brainwashed into.

They have tatoos all over their body, tatoos with the gang sign on their face. And they all speak in a specific manner. They all move in a specific manner. And they are all very trapped in personality. But, a fascinating thing, they are not fearful. They are actually very innocent. At least the young gansters, the leader spoke about killing, cutting of throats, while he smiled and laughed authentically. It was fascinating to see, his eye’s where clear, and fresh, and even though he lived and express such a fucked up life, where a life was worth nothing. He was calm, he was stable, and he enjoyed himself.

Fucked up to see people killing each-other and then not giving any sorts of consideration. Being cold and in total disregard for a another life. That was what was showed to me in that documentary. And even though they all lived such brutal life’s, they where still very much alive, they still very much expressed themselves, they still very much had fun.

In a equal money system gangs would no longer be formed. At the moment it’s formed solely because this world is ruthless, and hard, and joining a gang will make it easier for you to survive. Survival is not a given in this world, because money isn’t a given in this world. There is always a lack of money. Which is fucked up and which creates these kinds of situations.

If these people currently in a gang, currently killing others and being killed where given a unconditional support from birth. Do you think that they would still be killing? Do you think that they would go out and kill others because they enjoyed it, because they wanted it? Because it was their high pleasure to exist in a gang, to go out and protect the turf, to protect your opportunities of income.

It’s just fucked up, what we have allowed this world to become. And at the bottom of all lies the problem that there is not enough money for everyone to go around. And some people decide to save money, and decide that they are going to take everyone else’s money, and they become effective at being able to attract money. There are no effective system in place to stop inequality. Money should not be able to be accumulated. Not the money you buy food with, the money you buy your house with, the money you buy clothes with. Those things are not commodities. They are a necessity for you to live.

Air is the thing the haven’t yet made a commodity. How would you like it if they made air a commodity? Because that is what has been done with our other sources of needs, the things we just need.

Where is the common sense in stock-piling food for profit while others starve. There is no common sense! It’s greed and it’s unacceptable.

If you care for life, and if you care for others, and if you care for yourself, and if you care for the children, and for the children to be born. Then stand with us. Let’s implement equal money for all and end the atrocities that is being allowed in the name of profit and lack of money.


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