I transcended Laziness

Today I woke up after six hours of sleep. I sat myself down in front of my computer and I started my day’s work. I sat by the computer for some hours and I did what was necessary to be done, then I got up and into the kitchen in order to cook food for myself.

I had to cook food for myself because I had planned to go to the library and I knew that I would become hungry as I sat there and studied. So, I made myself some food, so I wouldn’t have to buy food from the expensive shops around the library.

Then, as decided, I took my food and my backpack and wandered away to the bus that were to take me to town, and eventually to the library. As I arrived at the library I took my food and I started to eat. When I was done I started to study. I studied for four hours and then I took the bus home again. Since I have gotten home I have been doing those actions required for me to be done in order for my life, and the life of others to flow, and accumulate in to what is best for all. As I’ve lived the entire day. Not allowing myself to be lazy or procrastinate, but I do what is required to be done, accumulate what is required to be accumulated in this breath, in this moment. This is called self-discipline.

Before I started to participate in the education that desteni “I” process offer I was extremely lazy – I was apathetic. I didn’t want to get up in the morning and I seldom did anything that took time, patience, diligence, concentration, focus and discipline. Instead I slept most of my days and I wandered around in a semi-conscious state of depression. In fewer words: I was a very ineffective human being.

Through desteni “I” process I have become self-disciplined. I do now study law at least four hours each day, I write each day, I take care of my human physical body, I cook food, I play music and I participate in the education offered by desteni “I” process. I am a changed human being that now, in comparison to before, has a life. I am actually enjoying myself, because I am able to live life instead of being depressed and apathetic at all times.

This change that I have gone through is possible for everyone through desteni “I” process. Desteni “I” process is a life-education course that teaches how you practically, actually, physically live to the best of your ability. Walking such a course is the greatest gift you would ever be able to give to yourself, as you will for the first time is able to appreciate yourself and the simplicity of being you as the physical. This is why I have been able to live self-discipline, I now have a purpose, and the purpose is myself; that I am able to experience myself, and enjoy myself while moving myself in and as this world. What I’ve given to myself through walking desteni “I” process is an opportunity to experience life. I suggest that you also give yourself such a chance.


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