Attractive Women Have Higher Paid Jobs

Attractive women have higher paid jobs. So says a news article from today.

Research done in 2007 showed that attractive women earned 12 % more than unattractive women. Further the research has shown that attractive people are experienced, and perceived as being more pleasant, nice, and in possession of more positive characteristics than unattractive people. The attractive people are also treated better at their work than the unattractive.

So, what does all of this show?

It shows that we are possessed by ideals, perceptions and judgments. In a more simpler term = we are brainwashed.

That pretty people get’s more money than ugly people shows how unfair, and abusive this world is, and how much the concept of free will is bullshit. If there was free will you would be able to get the same pay as the beautiful people if you happen to be ugly – you can’t! And you can’t walk your way out of poverty if you are born poor – it’s another lie sold to the world in order to hide the fact of how discriminative this world is.

We have a society where we have made sex and beautiful pictures more than the being standing in front of us. We’ve taken fantasies of our mind and deemed it to be more valuable than an actual physical being. Maybe this is why our society lacks substance – because our choices and decisions don’t hold any substance. We make decisions based upon pictures, illusory feelings, attractive and unattractive – values placed upon the physical, masking what is here as reality.

Because what is reality? What is actually affecting, influencing and creating your life? It’s not pictures, it’s not feelings, it’s not attractiveness and it’s not unattractiveness – it’s physical movement. Thereby the physical movement and application of each being should be the starting point from which you take decisions, as that is the actuality of the being, as what will have a direct influence and effect upon your life.

At the moment we instead take decisions based upon abstract ideals that holds little to no relevance at all in the physical. Towards an attractive woman you might find yourself becoming aroused – though that won’t mean much when you later realize that this woman is your worst nightmare, and that you and her can’t in anyway work together. That is a direct outflow of not considering what is really here, and what actually has an effect upon reality.

So, from two perspectives our behavior to select which people are going to be in our lives, and how in turn we are going to act towards them is stupid.

One: If you select people based upon their looks you won’t have the most effective people, the people you work with the best, the people you are able to enjoy yourself with the most – you will have people that arouse you, and that’s it.

Two: Towards those that aren’t considered to be attractive by societies rules and norms a discriminative attitude and behavior of favoring beautiful people isn’t very cool. You have a harder time to get a job, to get money, you’ll not be treated as well and you’ll be less likely to have so-called “friends” – though I wouldn’t worry about the last part, it’s all about fear of being alone anyway.

So – how to end this fuckedupness?

It will take years of education to re-train people so that they don’t live their lives based upon the pictures they have been trained to like. In a equal money system such a re-education is possible. In our current money system it isn’t, as all our education at the moment is based upon profit. We need education that goes beyond profit, and that supports the individual for no other reason but wanting him to live to his greatest ability.

So – investigate equal money and less take apart the discriminative nature of man.


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