Can you be Moral In our Current Money System?

How can you expect any form of honesty in this world? Is it possible to be honest in this world without dying? If would have been honest about my last job, I would have said to my boss: “Dude! This job is terrible, boring and unsatisfying, I quite!” I didn’t do that. The reason being, that if I had said such a thing, I would have lost my ability to earn money. And with no ability to earn money I would have died.

So, the reason I ask this question is due to a news article. A woman complains that a cleaner, which she hired, stole money from her. She states that such a behavior isn’t acceptable, that it’s immoral, and a bad behavior. I mean, looking at this statement, in the context of this world, in which money is the all-decisive god that is in scarce supply, it’s completely ridiculous. Do you really except anyone to be moral in this system? Do you real expect anyone to care for you, and protect your possessions?

Dude, if you have money you will be the target for the people that have nothing. And if you state within yourself that you have actually earned this money in a righteous way, while the thief, “He only steals it!” You are deluding yourself. If you have money, you are actually, not in anyway entitled to it. You’ve been lucky, you were born in the right place, at the right time and you had the right parents. Those that do not – the end up with nothing at all, and so does their chance to live a moral life. If you don’t have any money, you can’t afford to have morals.

So, I mean, what is that I am trying to show here? I am trying to show that as long as we utilize this current money system, as the basis and foundation of our day-to-day interactions; we will have misery, we will have theft, we will have fear and we will have immorality. We will have pirates that roam our seas, ruthlessly taking hostages, killing them if no ransom is paid. We will have cleaners that can’t be trusted, because they have never been trusted with enough money to live a comfortable life.

So, let’s wake up from our fantasy and from our gullible belief that we have earned our money righteously, and that those that steal, involves themselves in crime and exist as the outsiders of the system are the bad persons – that destroy our “perfect” system. Please! If our system would have been perfect, and if our money would truly have been righteously earned, then there wouldn’t have been any theft or crime. To earn money righteously means that you don’t abuse anyone else while doing so. But within this world you abuse and harm others simply by owning money, because the entire system is based upon scarcity, upon slavery and competition. A few will have to loose in order for a few to win, and have their slaves and their fantasies fulfilled.

We are the elite! We have the money! We have taken the world and it’s resources hostage and ludicrously enough believe ourselves to be righteous owners of it, due to the fact that we have money. Please, we’re not! Half the world starves while we expect our precious belongings to continue in our possession. That time is ending. As the money system collapse, we will see a time unfold where each and everyone are to with their own eyes see the atrocity that this current money system actually is. It’s a money system that fuels and functions due to the misery of others. It’s a disgrace and it’s extremely harmful, extremely devastating to all life that is on earth.

Thus – research equal money. Let’s become truly righteous owners of our possessions, through owning in a way that benefits everyone. Where everyone have equal access to the resources that our planet provides.

Equal Money For All!


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