Casey Heynes and “Standing Up Towards Bullies”

Casey Heynes is the name of a youngster that has become famous for “standing up” to his bullies. The fuzz around this subject originates in a youtube video – in which Casey Heynes takes his bully in a wrestlers lock, brings him up into the air, and then slams him down into ground. The bully at this point looses his ability to bully – as he is basically bashed so hard that he is near to loose his conscious.

This youtube video has then received a lot of attention on youtube and elsewhere on the web; Casey Heynes is celebrated as a hero that stands up towards the “evil” children – the bully is on the other hand receiving hate-comments and lots of bullshit from people in general – this due to him being seen and accused by the public as the as the “bad” and “evil” bully.

Okay – so lot’s of bullshit and many misconceptions. First – let’s clear out the point of “standing up”.

In our world the expression of standing up has been abused, as it has always implied – within stating that I am standing up – that you stand up TOWARDS someone or something. It’s the point of standing up TOWARDS someone or something that is deception – instead of standing up within and as self – for self – as self.

Why is this deception then?

Because – if you stand up TOWARDS someone separate from you, this implies that you are in fact a slave to another, as you have to do something towards another to make yourself “Stand up” – and due to your action being motivated of and as the acceptance of yourself as a slave to another, you are not in-fact standing up; you are actually reacting, and living out the pattern of slavery – but in a different way than before – as before you accepted yourself as a slave to another, through allowing another to create the experience of yourself within yourself as being bullied. Now, instead, as you physically harm “your bully” – you are still accepting and allowing the experience of yourself to “be caused” by another – but your instead of going into submission, taking action within your experience, going into anger, hate and frustration – apparently then, “Standing Up”.

The kid, Casey Heynes didn’t “Stand Up” – he didn’t stand up “towards another” because that is impossible – he reacted and he accepted and allowed the experience of himself to be the subject of the movement and participation of another.

Thus – the action of physically harming his abuser is in fact an act of blame – wherein Casey Heynes, through lifting up and slamming his bully down into the ground as he acted out the experience he had within himself of feeling sad, bullied, excluded, harmed = refused to take self-responsibility and stand up within himself – which, on the other hand, is an actual and real expression of standing up; wherein you stop yourself from participating in, and defining yourself as thoughts, feelings and emotions  – too within such a stand and stop, realize and see, that the bully can’t actually harm you or affect you in anyway what so ever.

Thus – what Casey Heynes failed to see and realize; he is actually god – the directive principle of and as himself – responsible and in charge of everything that goes on within himself.

And so, to conclude: real standing up doesn’t involving harming other people. It doesn’t involve anger, frustration, or hatred. It doesn’t involve lashing out on someone. It doesn’t involve anyone in your world “paying retribution” for your experience of yourself, as you apparently stand up towards him or her and make him or her stop. No – it’s yourself that you must stop!

The next fascinating point that opens up in relation to Casey Heynes and his apparent expression of “standing up” – is the parents, adults, and the entire hype around the situation, which opened up due to the video of the incident being posted on youtube; wherein the bully is now the bullied, as people are sending him hate-messages, and being generally nasty towards him. What message does such a behavior convey? As we criticize, judge, demean, haunt and punish another for his bad behavior? That’s right, it’s bullying. Though now it’s apparently accepted, because it’s justified, as “The bully has been bad!” – “He deserves it!”

But is it really justified? This is the irony of justice – the irony of fairness. That the same bullshit-actions done to someone – defined and regarded as unacceptable by society – will now be targeted towards the one that initially abused or harmed another through bullshit-actions. I mean, aren’t we within such a schizophrenic statement as lived action saying that bullshit-actions are okay? They must only be justified, and then you can do whatever the fuck you want. An example is the death penalty, being given to those that have committed murder – doesn’t the state commit a murder just the same as the murderer? Is justice really real? Or, is it only a concept of the mind – created as a reason to why the desire for revenge is to be lived out?

This is the fuzzy logic of the system, and it shows clearly in the argumentation of United States as to their war against terrorism. Wherein terrorism as violence is unacceptable, horrible and wrong – but – war against terrorisms, as violence is justified, cool and nationalistic; “you do a good thing for your country!”

War, violence and abuse as in apparently standing up towards another aren’t a solution. It’s a mechanism of revenge, fueled through anger and hatred – not a solution where the violence and separation finally, and forevermore stops; this is only possible in and as self-forgiveness. Where the desire to achieve justice and revenge, through punishing another, as in “standing up towards” another = is let go of.

Thus investigate equal money, which is a practical action of forgiveness. Where the past as debt is let go off and the history of each man is wiped clean – so all have an equal opportunity to be here and enjoy themselves. Where the necessary education will be given to all – as to ensure that all are aware of their power and self-responsibility in terms of their internal and external experience of themselves. To show – that real standing up is done for self, as self, here as breath, with no harm, abuse, or revenge unleashed upon your environment.


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