CEO Get’s Pension 2000 Times Bigger Than Avarage Monthly Salary

A CEO in one of the major government owned companies in Sweden have been given 8 million dollars in pension.

8 million dollars – that’s not a small sum of money. The sum is 2000 times larger than what the average monthly salary is for a Swedish citizen. If you have an average salary you must work 166 years before you are able to reach the same amount of money. Though – if you consider the apartment rent, the food, the bus fee, train fee, petroleum – you would probably have to wait for 2000 years before you are able to entitle yourself the same amount of money as this CEO got in one day.

Is it strange that we have poverty, starvation and class segregation when there is such an extreme amount of overpay to certain individuals in society. Such an amount of money as is given to this CEO is simply ludicrous. He won’t be able to use it all up in his own lifetime. It’s blatant greed.

What is greed? Greed is when you take more than what you need. This CEO takes more than what he needs, and in comparison to those who really need in the world, such as the people in the poverty stricken regions of earth, this CEO really is a monster miser. While some people daydream about a regular and consistent stream of food into their belly, this CEO has more money than he will be able to spend, and access to more food than he will ever need.

Why doesn’t anyone see the misery that an unequal distribution of money brings? Or, maybe we do see it. But we don’t do anything about it, we don’t become pissed of about it, because it’s suppose to be this way, and at least we still have a salary that can support us with food. But let me tell you something: people are not supposed to starve and people are not supposed to own more than what they need. What is supposed to happen is that each man get’s to have as much as he requires in order to experience a comfortable life. It’s obvious common sense that no man on earth should go without food only because another man apparently owns the food – even though he can’t eat it, or use it.

Inequality is the worst crime that can be committed. Greed is the worst crime the can be committed. I don’t blame this CEO for taking a pension a size that he will never come to spend in his lifetime. I blame myself for having accepted and allowed this system, which I am apart of, to give room to such blatant, disrespectful and disgusting greed. I have accepted and allowed this world to unfold as it has unfolded, as are everyone else. A CEO can’t retrieve a pension 2000 times the average monthly salary if we do not allow it.

When are we going to realize and see that a better world is possible? A world where we have banned all greed – banned all inequality – banned all obvious abuse of what earth unconditionally provides. Yes – what is here as the resources of this earth is not for man to claim, it’s for man to use in balance with his need. Not to stuff, and stuff, and stuff until he have managed to seize control over each and every spot of nourishing resource on this planet, and in the process killed several millions of people. This is NOT what is meant to happen, and meant to be! This world could be a paradise – if we share, and take only that, which we require. And support others to have that which they need. So all our needs are fulfilled, and greed can forever disappear.

Where there is greed – there is an unfulfilled need. It’s not necessary for it to be this way. Research equal money and find out how we are able to give everyone on this planet: man, plant, and animal. That which they need!


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