Changing the System

Life – To live – To enjoy yourself – To have fun – To laugh – To wake up each-morning not being afraid or anxious. Does this fit with how you experience yourself in this world currently? If it does – congratulations – your one of the elitist that have managed to truly enhance your position of wealth to the point where you can’t be fucked with at the cost of others. If it does not – hello! You are the normal person – not very rich – living from paycheck to paycheck and at anytime your employee might tell you to get bent which would leave you in a very precarious position. The question you should ask yourself is – do I like to live in fear and anxiety? If you say yes – then your either lying or your mentally insane. If you say no then – hello! We are understanding each-other here – we both see that money is the reason that we experience distress – we both see that we don’t like to experience ourselves distressed – we got the basic points down.

The next question you should ask yourself is – do I want to change my situation? If you say no you are either lying or you’re a mental insane person – there are many mental illnesses people carry which prevent them from seeing the a change is possible. If you find yourself to say this in your mind reading this text you are mentally insane and you seek support immediately.

–       It’s impossible to change this system – it’s always been like this.

–       I am only one person it doesn’t matter what I think, say or do.

–       Nobody else is going to change so why should I?

–       It will never work anyway.

–       I am not smart enough to understand things like this – I leave to politicians

–       I don’t need to change this monetary system because when I die I will go to heaven anyway.

–       If people will have their basic needs sorted nobody will work – to have some fears in your life is a good thing! It motivates you!

If you have said or thought any of these things as I asked the question – do I want to change my situation? You are brainwashed and mind-controlled – there are solutions – develop common sense – apply self-forgiveness – and research desteni – you’ll see that with some dedication and self-commitment that brainwashing will be sorted in a short time.

Anyway – did you answer yes to the question I asked? Congratulations! We have a winner – we have a being that have actually realized that he doesn’t enjoy himself due to immense pressure and fear in relation to money – and he has also realized that in order to sort out this problem he must actually do something – a realization take into a practical action – a so called solution. That is what we need to have in order – in order for us to sort out our slight fucked up situation that we are facing on a global scale.

Now – naturally the next question you’re asking yourself is – what the fuck should I do? The world is immensely fucking big and I am a small fucking black dot on an enormous white paper – where the fuck do I begin?

Firstly we must begin with ourselves – this is because we are most of us so completely fucked up in personal experiences that we can’t even begin to consider anything more but – ourselves. Thus – we firstly save ourselves and correct ourselves – this is done through applying the tools of self-forgiveness, writing, self-honesty and common sense – visit to get started.

Okay – we’ve now begun to work upon ourselves – in order to actually be able to change this world we must first understand how we fucked up – and more importantly – how are we personally responsible for this mess? What is it that I’ve done – participated in that has lead to this? We’re now beginning to investigate the so-called human nature as we’re beginning to investigate ourselves.  We start to see that the world is but a reflection of our inner mess – in distress – and so we begin to understand what it is that have caused us to run around like frightened animals – searching for ever-more effective way’s to make money and survive – how come we ended up as survivors instead of livers? Those answers we see as we begin to understand ourselves – now it’s time for the next phase – the action phase. Or actually this phase can begin at any point that you like but it’s when you start to get a “grip” on your inner reality that you will begin to expand and see what more that can be done.

So – firstly you need a group – if your going to do this alone – you’re basically fucked – luckily for you there is such a group – desteni. So go to the desteni website and get involved – share yourself – participate – make vlogs – start a blog.

At desteni we’ve now developed the Desteni Income Plan. This is a business model that has the foundation point of education – basically – desteni are presenting courses which will assist you to sort out your inner mess and as you walk these courses your invited to participate in the Desteni Income Plan. Here you will be responsible to make vlogs, blogs and to make yourself seen on internet – this is how we grow and how we involve more people – through doing this you will be able to earn an income and after a few years you will have an income big enough for you to stop your “regular” job. Quite nice eh?

Obviously not “anyone” is allowed to participate in this course – you must actually be serious and you must actually desire and wish for a change both in yourself and in the world as a whole – but if you truly are serious then by god – you have hit jackpot as you found this article. Quickly go to the desteni website and sign up for the courses offered or if you are the more skeptical and waiting type – research the material of desteni. That will take some years though – anyway – you’ve found home. Here you have a group of people – dedicated to themselves – we’re changing ourselves – from survival to living. We’re dedicated to changing the world as we have changed and are changing ourselves and as a group we move out into the world with our message using Internet as our vehicle.

Be a part of the revolution which is going to take place through re-education – we re-educate ourselves from fear to here – from greed to seeing that all need to feed – be a part of the change and bring yourself into the future as the one directing what is to come – which is – EQUALITY!

Okay – enjoy your trip to self-empowerment or freedom with the support of desteni or sink back into the hole of fear that has become who you are – at some point you will get enough – cya then!


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