Children Undergrund

A few days ago I watched a documentary called Children Underground. It was about homeless children living in a subway station in Bukarest. I have only two words for the complete atrocity called life that these children experienced – fucked up!

These children where so hungry most of the time that they sniffed themselves high on glue or industrial color, because when they where high they didn’t feel hungry anymore. And it was less expensive to become high than to buy food. What the fuck! How the fuck can we allow such an atrocity to exist in this world? I mean, one of the most fascinating parts was that the people using the subway station each day, seeing the homeless children sniffing themselves high on glue did absolutely nothing. It was seen as a completely normal thing that children are to grow up in literal hell, sniffing glue rather than eating food.

I don’t blame these people, I mean; I would probably have done the same thing. The reason being that if you don’t have an excessive amount of money in this world you are not capable of taking care of other people. You will have the ignore the complete misery some people find themselves in, as you are and have to be focused upon earning enough money for yourself to survive. A complete fuck up.

At the end of the movie the Turkish government got the brilliant idea to let police throw out all the homeless children from the subway. Some were taken care of as they where seen “suitable for rehabilitation” – others where simply sent away. And where are you then supposed to live if you are thrown out from the subway as a child, with no money and no parents? That’s right, you will live like shit – outside in the fucking cold. Does anyone give a fuck? No – because each and everyone single human being is completely lost in his own race of survival, his own nagging fear of not having enough money when the bills arrive at the end of the month.

So, some children where beaten badly by older children when the “relocation” happened. Nobody really cared. Some children got to go home again with their abusive parents, nobody cared. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with this world? When will we start to care? Do we have to get to the same position in our lives as these children in order to understand what misery entails?

Another completely atrocious point in this film was how the adult shopkeepers in the subway where treating the homeless children. When the homeless children got high on glue, and were completely helpless. Some of the shopkeepers would go and beat and kick the children. What the fuck? They would beat them quite intensely and savagely and then walk away as if nothing had happened. What the fuck? I mean, my disgust for the human race in such moments knows no boundaries, and it’s in those moments that I praise mother earth for sending a fucking tsunami the height of several men to ravage the lands of the human. I mean, we don’t deserve to be alive when we treat each other like that.

So – it’s a great documentary to watch. Children Underground. Shows perfectly well the atrocity we call life and fuck up of capitalism and human nature.


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