Commuters Stuck Due To Storm

Yesterday there was a big storm in Sweden; this resulted in a tree blowing down upon some train tracks. This then resulted in trains being unable to leave. This then resulted in people not being able to follow their time schedule, and finally – this then resulted in people becoming pissed off.

So, what are we facing here? We are facing a consequence that people become pissed of that they are not able to get to their appointments in time. They very reason as to why people have schedules, appointments, and times that they must watch – is because our current money system demands it.

And why is it so?

Our current money demands that you schedule your time, and you make, and follow certain appointments, because time is money. If you do not schedule your time, make appointments as effectively as possible – you will loose out on time – you will loose out on profit – you will loose out on Money. So, people are stuck, not able to achieve their days set goal of earning money – which then makes people frustrated and pissed off.

So, what would change in a Equal Money System?

Firstly – people wouldn’t have gone up early in the morning, place themselves on a train, travel for several hours, to get to their job and make money. The entire construction of our current commuting system is completely delusional – why spend several hours a day on a train, when you could do something that you enjoy? Our commuting system is but one of MANY examples that show us how stupid and delusional our current money system is – where the time in itself isn’t worth that much, only how much money you can earn during this time.

So anyway, in an Equal Money System, you wouldn’t require to set appointments, to schedule your week as effectively as possible, in order to ensure your income and as such – your survival. Your survival would be unconditionally given to you. Food – water – housing – clothing – maintenance – people would actually assist and support you to survive.

And, you wouldn’t have to commute for 2 hours, to a big city, where you happen to have your crappy and boring job – no. Labor, not work, would be supplied for you close to your home – within and as a practical starting point as what would be required in your community – utilizing your skills – your specific likes, as to how you like to express and experience yourself. Wherein – you would actually do something of benefit to your community, maybe – be a daycare teacher or, a gardener? There are lot’s of possibilities, all better than our current way of working – wherein we get a job – that’s only focused around doing a, enormously, stupid, arbitrary action, repetitive, and without any other purpose to it than making money – often several miles away from your home, in a big town, because that’s where all the money is. That’s it unpractical for you, that you will have to travel for several hours a day, that you dislike your job, that you job lacks any real productive value – that’s disregarded in our current money system – completely, because here – everything – EVERYTHING – is about making money.

So, fascinating to see that in an Equal Money System this chaos of the trains non-departed, wouldn’t have happened. In a Equal Money System, commuting would be done within and as practicality, and as such, not at all as many people as there are currently would be forced to commute. Maybe, when you decide to go meet your friends, or when you decide to go on a holiday – that’s when you commute – not when you are to go to your job each morning.

So – in an Equal Money System people wouldn’t have become pissed off at the trains, people wouldn’t have been stuck at a train station for an entire night, there wouldn’t have been the pressure, the anxiety, the complete fear in people to earn, save up, build up money each day – it would have been unconditionally given. And then labor – would have been done within and as a separate system, as the labor system – where labor would have been done, not for profit, but within and as actual practical physical need and requirements.

So, investigate the Equal Money Solution – if you as me, dislike to be trapped at a train station – waiting to commute – only from the starting point of earning money. It’s simply bullshit. Investigate Equal Money.


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