Demon-Striders and The Blame Game

Todays newspaper tells of a European-Union meeting. The newspaper further speaks to me of demonstrators, or demon-striders, that are going to attend this meeting. They are going to stand outside of the meeting and scream, occasionally throw a rock, then eat, then pee, then poop and then go home and sleep. Great! Revolution! Demon-striders everywhere! Going around destroying things – because apparently – someone is “mean” towards us, these corrupt leaders, “do these things towards us” and as such “we must fight them”. I mean, we’ve created this system, we’ve accepted this system, in essence this current system, with all the corrupt leaders show to us who we allow ourselves to be.

And who do we allow ourselves to be? Take the example of a demon-strider. They don’t actually change anything. They merely scream, shout and throw rocks and “demand change”. But are they changing themselves? Are they living themselves that which they want to see their leaders to live? Are they taking any responsibility for what is here? Are they actually developing and moving any solutions? No. They go out on a street and throw rocks, and science has proved that by throwing a rock, or shouting a word, you will merely throw a rock, or shout a word. Nothing more will happen!

For real change to take place we must actually place some effort into it. For real change to take place we can’t go out and stride in a demon rage. If you want to actually make a difference it’s not enough to simply be angry. If you want to make a difference you must learn to apply common sense and learn to see what is here, and then work with what is here.

For example: at the moment we have a all-compassing-god-money-system which determine the life and death of each and every human being on this earth. Each and every human being has become extensively brainwashed, and completely duped into believing that our current way of living is life, while it’s not. Our current way of life is called money. Money is our god and money is the gigantic fraud. And it’s through us selling souls to the devil, as allowing ourselves to prostitute and diminish ourselves through becoming a machine of survival, that we’ve completely given up any point of responsibility and direction. We’ve through our allowance, through not doing anything, through not standing up for what is best for all, but instead existed within fear and self-interest, placed men of corruption and self-interest to lead us. They are but a reflection of us!

Thus, to go out on the streets in demon frenzy, striding upwards and downwards, screaming on each human being that is approaching you, it doesn’t help! We need to reeducate ourselves. We need to understand how we created the world as it currently is. We need to see that it’s up to us to change ourselves, to stand up for what is best for all, and first and foremost become a effective leader of ourselves, before we expect anyone else to become an effective leader for us.

We need to stand up and set the example as how to live with integrity and honor. Where we through practical application in each moment of breath prove to ourselves that we have changed, and that the world as such will change with us. It’s up to us to bring the world we want to have into existence. Not through blaming an apparent “bad” leader, but to actually become a cool leader ourselves. And we begin with ourselves, we begin to see what we have allowed ourselves to become as a demon-strider. As a blame machine that has disabled itself completely through becoming possessed with anger and helplessness. A real leader will lead him within the principle of what is best for all, with not motivation, no grudge and no blame. A real leader takes responsibility and walks the solution instead of blaming those that has walked before. Because a real leader sees, that if he doesn’t take responsibility. Then nobody else will.

Thus fellow demon-striders and rebels, or ring-the-bell-smell, come with me and walk the process of establishing yourself as a leader for all life, equal and one with all life. Leading yourself and all that is here into a world that is best for all, with no other motivation but that you see that this is what must be done.

Investigate desteni “I” process as the reeducation of man.

And investigate equal money as the equalization of man.


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