End the Era of The Murderers! Not through Violence, but Through Common Sense!

A war has started in Libya. Whatever anyone say’s or writes it’s about oil as money. Its sad and fucked up that money means more than a human life. The bombs are dropped and many European countries push to be a part. Why? They want their military war bands to have practice. I mean, I am so disgusted by the human race and it’s actions, values and behaviors. You don’t fucking go kill people because you want to practice! You don’t ever fucking go kill people!

Isn’t it fascinating that on one hand our leaders say that murder isn’t allowed. And we place those that murder into jails – we write about them in our newspapers as bad people. And then our government goes abroad and kills thousands of people through dropping bombs on them, and then it’s suddenly… okay. I mean, what the fuck? How stupid have we become as human beings? How can we not see that dropping bombs on people, blowing up their homes, shooting people in an apparent war is as much murder as if you go out and kill your neighbor?

There is no trust within me what so ever towards any politician, towards any government, towards any peace keeping organization, towards anything in this world that in anyway supports our current world system as it exists. If you suggest war as a solution you can’t be trusted, you shouldn’t be trusted, and you should absolutely not be allowed to stand as a leader. But this is what we’ve allowed. In our governmental positions we’ve placed people that are in essence murderers. I mean, anyone that proclaims this money system to be “the way”, anyone that say’s you have to work in order to receive your basic necessities is a murderer. We actively kill people through not giving them that which they need in order to survive.

And at the moment they are dropping bombs on Libya for millions of dollars worth. What the fuck does that say about the accountability, the character, and the principle that our dear leaders stand by? I mean, one tomahawk missile costs something around 1 million dollars – how much food could you buy for that?

Obviously to say that we don’t have enough resources and that we aren’t capable of feeding and supporting everyone in our world is complete and utter bullshit. We are more than capable. But currently we spend our money on killing people instead of assisting and supporting them. Currently we’ve given away all of our power to leaders that are corrupt and that care for nothing but their own salvation. In two words I can describe the current situation in Libya; fucked up!

If I would own the newspapers in the world I would instruct the journalists to write pages full of this description as to the current event that is taking place; this is fucked up, this is fucked up, stop you idiots, don’t kill each other you morons, don’t be a greedy asshole, stop being so fucking corrupt. But currently we have journalists that only document the atrocity – wanting to be objective. I mean, if you are objective in the face of this atrocity you are as much an abuser as those that drop the bombs. It’s our responsibility to expose – to show that this behavior isn’t acceptable. To show that there is a line that must be drawn as to what will be accepted and allowed in this world, and that if you cross this line, you will also pay the price. Currently we accept and allow murderers to take their seat on the throne, to spew their corruption and their greed out into the world. It’s simply fucked up.

Thus stand up with me for a better world – for a better tomorrow. Not through violence, not through killing, not through a bloody revolution, but within common sense, understanding and mutual participation. End the era of the murderers! Research equal money!


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