Family Is Splintered By Immigration Office

In a news article today a story is brought forth of a Iraq family that have since years back been living in Sweden. They moved away from Iraq because the father of the family had almost been murdered. He got away with being shot in the leg.

The father arrived in Sweden 2003. After some years had passed his family from Iraq joined him in Sweden.  The family members didn’t come all at the same time, but instead spread out over a period of 2 years. The last family member arrived at 2007, which is 4 years ago at this day. In 2006  Younis Ismail, as the father is called, met a woman, and together they recieved a child. The child is today three years old.

Younis has now received a permit to stay in Sweden. It’s not a Swedish citizenship, but a residence permit as a workforce immigrant. The problem is that the Swedish immigration office has decided not to give Younis spouse, Bakisa, a residence permit. Which means that she must go back to Iraq.

The problems do not stop there. The Swedish immigration office has decided to deport both Bakisa and the couples three year old daughter, which has been born and raised in Sweden.

This is a perfect example of how our current money system destroys the lives of people. Because if you look at the reason why people are not allowed to immigrate to and stay in Sweden, you will see that it’s only due to money. We are protecting our money, sending back possible lechers of our social welfare system to their death, suffering, or misery – we don’t really give a shit, just as long as they are not here.

The three year old girl that is sent back to Iraq doesn’t have a citizenship in Sweden nor in Iraq. She speaks Swedish and has her father and siblings living in Sweden – her entire life is located in Sweden. But does the Swedish immigration office have any regard for such an experience, or situation?


The Swedish immigration office obeys by one law and one law only – money.

One can easily imagine how it might feel and what type of situations that the three-year-old little girl and her mother will face as they are deported. They have been stripped of their family and their social life. They have been stripped of their comfort and stability, and the mother will now face the task of bringing a child up without the support of a husband, and the child will face her childhood without having a dad.

It’s quite the fuck up to splinter families as shown. And it’s our current money system that takes on the role of the prime perpetrator, as the very cause and reason as to why lives are ruined. It’s money that has become the foundation of each decision and principle that guides the people of this earth, and in turn the governments of our earth. And because we have made money more important than ourselves we face such horrible and horrendous living situations as the one described.

We do all deserve to have a place of our own. We do all deserve to be certain that we are not going to be forced to leave our home and lives very next day. We do all humans deserve more respect. We deserve to be treated as something that holds an irreplaceable worth and value. Not as a commodity that can be bought and sold for money. We deserve, as well as all plats, animals and bacteria’s to be supported by our money system – not betrayed and diminished.


If you want to stop families from being splintered and money from being the god that controls our actions, our values, our principles and our lives – research the equal money system. Real life can only come through when all things that share this earth are taken care of and treated with respect. This is not possible in our current money system – thus – we end it.


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