Food Inc. and The Horrific Nature Of Our Money-System

A documentary called – food inc. – I dearly recommend to anyone interested in knowing how our current food-system operates, and how it is contained and trapped within our current capitalistic money-system.

In this documentary it’s explained as to how the chickens grow now in comparison too some 30 years ago. Chickens now grow from babies to 5 and a half pounds in about seven weeks – this is an extreme growth-rate in comparison to how the chickens grew before; when a chicken in 3 months only grew to be the half of that size – this exponential difference as to the speed in which the chickens come to develop their muscles has the consequence that many of the chickens can’t walk – their legs, their bone-structure and their organs is simply not strong enough, as they are not developed in the same rate as the muscles are.

When the farmers are asked – what do they think? Those interviewed shake their heads as they essentially see that this isn’t actually farming – but an industry of death. But they still conclude – why should I buy a chicken that grows twice as slow, and reaches twice the weight, when I can buy this other type of fast growing chicken? This clearly indicates that the reason for animal abuse is money, and that the farmers are not actually able to stand as, and live as the principles that they see are the best for all, as they are more concerned about their survival – knowing that – if they have no money, they will not survive.

And so it is that animals have to suffer, as the entire food-industry is completely focused upon profit and economical gain – wherein the big corporations are in charge – and through their sheer power in money, control the markets and set the rules, with not care or consideration as to the suffering that they are responsible for bringing in to this world – what-so-ever.


A clever and dubious way that these chicken-corporations have designed to blackmail farmers for money, is to now and then demand that the farmer upgrades, or re-builds his or hers chicken coop – with parts supplied by the corporation. This then costs a lot of money – often the farmer must go to the bank, and take on a debt as a loan in order to do the demanded  construction work; from that point on, the farmer is caught in the net of the corporation; dependent upon the corporation to supply this specific race of chickens, so that the debt can be paid off, and if the farmer refuses to follow through with upgrades demanded of the corporation, the corporation will end the contract with the farmer.

This is but one of the many fascinating, and horrifying facets of capitalism, which this movie depicts. Capitalism is shown, as what it is – a system completely out of bounds – with no regard to life at all – with no regard the organisms, to animals, to the earth itself – non the less people. Corporations force themselves forward, hiring attorneys, infiltrating top positions in the government, all the pass the necessary laws, sue the necessary people, all the earn money – that people suffer, that people loose all that they got – that the earth suffers, that all that is created is a existence of suffering – this does not at all bother the corporation; at the moment that is. Though when it comes down to the details, the specificity as to who actually is behind this system and the consequences it brings – we see that it’s ourselves, and our own individual actions of greed, and fear – wherein we regard only ourselves, and our life, our happiness and simply do not recognize that there are more to life than ourselves.

But – earth is changing, our actions and the compounded consequences of our actions are now visited upon us – our money system is collapsing as greed is going out of control, as the fear to survive possess the very flesh of each and every human-being alive.

Though – there is a solution – equal money for all.  Until we get to that point – there is the desteni “I” process – which is the way you will be able to secure an income for yourself, even in the hard times that are to come. Many are going to suffer – many are going to be without anything what-so-ever. Though, those that walk with us – in the desteni “I” process – they will have a stable future – until we have placed an equal money system, to finally, and once and for all end the suffering, as the outflow of our current money system, and the greed that lies at the root of it.

So join desteni “I” process – I am recruiting, thus contact me and I will recruit you. I seek 10 people to be my recruits – your welcome to apply.


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