Equal Labor

Equal labour

What is labour today?

Labour today is about survival. It is about making a living for yourself so that you can survive in the system and buy the commodities needed to live.

All human-beings are limited within the expression called labour within the current monetary system. The labour that is done is performed from the point of making profit. Of being able to make a living. Now the entire focus and attention of the human-being will be set on making products and goods that are sure to provide a income.

What room is their for creativity?
What room is their for playfulness?
What room is their for mistakes?

In our current monetary system mistakes is what you want to avoid. A mistake costs time and time is money. A mistake means that your income will decrease. And no income. Means no access basic life nessecities.

Nobody experiments because nobody want’s to make a mistake. Work becomes habitual. The same product that has been tested out to be profitable and cheap to produce will be produced millions of times. And the workers will stand every day for their entire life habitually doing the same thing over and over again.

What would then happen if a equal money/equal labour system would be implemented?
A strange thing would happen. People would no more be in fear of making mistakes as they would unconditionally be provided with the basic life nessecities. People would stand by their machines, their laptops, their desktops and realize that they do not need to make a profit to be able to live comfortably. Realizing that they are without any risk of being excluded from that which they need and require to have to be able to nurture themselves and live comfortably.

What would happen?

What would be the outflow if people no more existed in fear of producing or creating something that will not generate profit?

We would see self-expression flourish. We would see people that create and produce with a genuine passion. Not anymore bound by time. Not anymore bound by dead-lines. Experiments starts taking place. People travel roads never before travelled. Playing instead of working.

Because. Why is work so boring today? Why do everyone hate going to work? Why do everyone long for the weekend? Because all work is habitual. There exist no real interaction between the man and his labour. He’s not capeable of exploring his labour because he’s restricted by the need to create a profit. He’s not capeable of playing with his labour because he’s restricted by time. His time must be spent on producing more. Producing in fast and effecient manner to make a profit.

What would happen to the carpenter in a equal money, equal labour system? When he does not anymore need to produce the chairs he have produced for thirty years to be able to sustain himself. The chairs which have been profitable. Which he have learned to manufacture in a effective manner. The chairs that have been the only construction he has ever done.

What would happen to him? What would he do?

Suddenly he is not limited anymore. Suddenly he doesn’t need to be effective, he doesn’t need to achieve profit. He’s totally free to explore himself.

Man and labour have become seperate. Because man does labour as a chore for survival and not as a self-expression. But it does not have to be this way. Labour can become self-expression. Where labour becomes a time of creativity and playfulness. Where man isn’t anymore restricted to what has been proven to work in the past. To what has proven to be profitable.

People wouldn’t anymore be hired. People wouldn’t anymore be workers. Because a worker does what he is told to do so the company can make a profit. The worker is stripped from self-expression and directed through orders of what is going to be done and what is not going to be done.

Now people instead would become self-workers. Or self-expressionists. As profit would be out of the picture. Why limit oneself to rules and regulations? Why limit oneself to the experience of being a worker for somebody else? Instead of working. Maybe it would be called exploring creativity and self-expression. Who knows?
And this is all something that we can create for ourselves through implementing a equal money/equal labour system.


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