Horses are Dying due to Money

In Ireland there are now running around wild horses that no one is taking care off. Why? Because before 2007 when suddenly Ireland became a rich country, people decided that they where going to buy shit with their money, to have fun. So they bought a lot of horses. Then the economy crashed and people simply abandoned their horses. Another example of how perfect capitalism is.

So now the horses are running around with no food, no shelter and no support what so ever. Most of them die, then some of them gets in such a bad shape that the vet will have to kill them, and some of them survive and gets taken care of by a vet. Whatever comfort that is, to survive in a fucked up world like this one, where suddenly your entire platform of support might be ripped away from under your feet, because apparently there is no money.

So horses they run around dying because there is no money. But obviously there is an abundance of resources in the world, but no money. So the horses they die and the people, well they are completely possessed with fear and greed, so I wouldn’t term them as being alive either.

This is capitalism, the wonderful system of capitalism where you are bound to become a slave for your entire life. Where you will never receive support in anyway whatsoever, because everyone just wants your fucking money. Where you will in your entire life only face bullshit, and all products and services you are given will mostly only be a commercial bullshit-story in order to make money. We live in the money world where meaning and reason has disappeared. Instead we have…Oh yes, we have nothing at all. We are completely fucked in all ways.

So earth, what a wonderful place. If you don’t have money you will die. If you don’t have a job you won’t any money and then you will die. If you don’t have any education, you can’t get a job and then you will die. If you live in a country where everyone is poor, you’ll most definitely die. Everyone is dying in his or her own way, which is the beauty of free choice. LOL. We have the free choice as consumers and as slaves to die in a way that we choose. Oh well, not all of us, only those with money. For the rest starvation or some curable disease will be the most probably cause of death. For the rich fuckers, they can choose a variety of way’s to die in. Which they do very frequently – you can die from cancer, being fat, being skinny, sexual disease. I mean, there are myriads of ways for those that are rich! While the poor are much more limited in their selection of ways to die – lol – this is the real beauty of capitalism. The rich people can in some ways choose how they want to die.

Other than that you are a slave in all ways. That is why earth is called the prison planet. Though it’s not the planets that’s the prison, its more the people on it that have through their stupidity created a prison. I mean, apparently it was so extremely important to be able to “do whatever you want to do”, “have free choice”, “have opportunities”, “be a greedy asshole”, “protect your family life” – that is was worth it. We have completely destroyed each evidence of life and enjoyment on earth, which is fascinating. I mean it takes real dedication and discipline to each day get up and make your most to destroy everything around yourself. In that regard, we as human beings have been very successful. We have perfected our ability to destroy things, which is cool, if you work at a garbage heap or something. NOT WHEN YOU TAKE CARE OF FUCKING HORSES! I mean, horses they don’t want to starve, run around dying, and become subjects of stupid shit due to a stupid shit thing called money. I mean, horses DON’T want to be destroyed. They want to have FUN!

Yes, I know that human beings are unable to have fun. But at least we don’t need to kill, molest, rape, destroy, vampire those that are actually capable of having fun. I mean, do we need to stand by our greed our fear our desire at all times? Can’t we at least, not kill and destroy everything around us?

Yes, I know it’s very, very, very hard to not be a killing machine at all times. Though, I mean, we can try to live differently. Or, do you want to stay like this forever?

Anyway, if you can take a break in your vampirism, killing and raping for a while – please visit Here we present a real solution, so that the horses may have fun and we may learn to love another as ourselves.


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