Pirates in Somalia

There was an article today in the newspaper – it concerned the Somali pirates, at the moment kidnapping and holding people hostage for ransom. It contained a statement from a Somali pirate as to why they where pirates. He said, “We are desperate and we have no money and life’s”.

Quite fascinating – the reason as to why these pirates hold people hostage, many times harm people in the process, or when the ransom isn’t paid – kill people – is because of money. It might be a relevant question to ask – is it worth it? Is it worth people dying? People being kidnapped? People becoming, to such a point deprived of all hope and meaning, that they decide to hold people hostage – threatening to kill. Shouldn’t the question that comes up in the moment be, isn’t there something wrong here? And, why is it like this?

I ask this question to any capitalism reading this article, actually I ask this question to anyone that in anyway believe our current monetary system to be a healthy, functional system. Isn’t there something wrong here? Should people die, be kidnapped, held for ransom in a healthy and supportive system? How can anyone have the audacity to claim that capitalism is the answer – it’s an obvious lie – presented by those that happen to have money.

The very nature of our capitalistic system, as being based upon polarity, as a winner and a looser, is completely unacceptable. Why have we even allowed, from the very beginning that resources are to be distributed unequal? And why do we accept the current situation, as if nothing can be done about it? Who the fuck is creating this system? Is it a fucking law of nature that people must starve to death? That people must find themselves in such atrocious situations and circumstances that they harm and abuse other people in order to survive?

Each and everyone proclaiming capitalism is in fact a criminal and does in fact belong in jail. Look, I am here showing you the proof – capitalism is the direct, fucking reason as to why people suffer immensely, as they have no money. You can trace the misery back, directly, to this stupid, fucking monetary system – which is a really sad excuse for a system. I mean, it’s more chaos than a system – its more fucking delusion than a system. This atrocity, called the monetary system, it doesn’t even deserve to have a name and the people saying that this atrocity should be kept, promoted and withheld, they don’t deserve to participate, be free and moving around – in jail is the only safe place, as to where such psychopaths may be placed. Because – look at the common sense! If you support capitalism, you support murder! If you support murder, without any regard or shame, you’re a fucking psychopath! Thus – don’t see my words as any sort of insult, I mean, it’s common sense – this is how it is – it’s the fact lying in front of our noses.

I want to live in a world where everyone experiences their lives to be meaningful. Where everyone has enough food in his or her tummy to have the energy to do in their day, what they would like to do. Where everyone has enough clean drinking water, a cool, warm and comfortable house, cool clothes – where everyone in essence is taken care off. Is that to much to ask?!?! Is that suppose to be a fucking utopia?!?! That is fucking common sense for fuck sake. And anyone who claim that such a dream is a utopia, my god! Watch out for them, because they are psychopaths – only watching out for their money and their own good, not caring how much anyone else suffers. Only that they might have what they desire and want to have. Such a fuck up!

Please – people – listen to me. We don’t need to live like this. We can have a cool world, where everyone is taken care off and where everyone lives a cool life! It’s not a fucking utopia, it’s something we decide to do, then we do it, nothing that is beyond our reach.

Thus – if you do care, investigate equalmoney.org, thanks.


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