Place yourself in the shoes of another

Equal money, what does that mean? It mean that everyone will have the same right to all that is required and needed in order to live. Everyone will be able to buy themselves a home, food, and water, and healthcare. Nobody will be secluded and left to starve, or left to be homeless. And, it’s simple common sense. Everyone should have this.

Simply, place yourself for a moment in the shoes of another. Now, you are this being for a short period of time. Every sensation he experience you experience. Now, this being that you have become lives in africa, in a poor village. He can’t read, he has no education, he has a family to support, and he has no job. His children are starving and his wife has died from AID’s. His quite desperate. You are quite desperate.

Now, would you look this man into the eye and tell him that he must not have what you have been given? You are sitting by your computer, your probably quite comfortable and starvation is not a problem you have to deal with. Would you deny this man and his children that are you in this very moment his or your right to eat, to have clothes on your body, to have health care, and to have water.

If you say no, your mentally insane. Actually a psychopath and I suggest you look up a doctor at this very moment as you are not safe to be around other human beings. If you say yes, I see, he deserves what I have, he deserves to live a life of dignity then welcome. Equal money for all is the solution.

With equal money for all greed and profit will be stopped and situations like this, where a man is without any form of basic assistance and sustenaince won’t anymore exist. He will have access to his food, he will be able to save his wife through giving her the medication she needs. Even, the wife might have been educated and smart enough to wear condoms. And she wouldn’t have to feel pressured to get many children in order to save for her pension, and for her life in the future. This man would actually live a life of worth.

At this moment a few people live a life of abundance. They have everything you can think about and they can buy everything you can think about. Is this right? Should someone starve and exist in complete misery while another has everything he could ever dream of having? Should the world function this way? Yes, say’s those that premote capitalism and this economic system. Obviously they do, they are the winners. They have managed to snatch themselves a frontrow seat in this abusive system, but you, the normal guy, and for the starving man. What will it be, will you allow inequality in a world where resources can go around for everyone? If you are not a psychopath, you will not allow inequality. You will stand up and say, but hey, look at this, what’s going on here. Why is this man forced to sleep on the ground, and eat dirt while this man sleeps on his ten thousand dollar bed and eats more food than he needs everyday.

The problem is here, and it’s clearly seen, we can’t hide it. It’s there if you make a search on the web, it’s there if you turn on the news. It’s there if you walk down the street in your town. Inequality and poverty, and all that goes with it. This is what we will stop with equal money. And through stopping these two crimes, where going to stop fear and anxiety and survival. Because, all will be unconditionally given the money they need to sustain themselves. Slave labor will end, and those that are rich will be equal to those that are poor. Resources are our common inheritance, inequality is a crime, and equality is the solution.


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