Profit or Equality

When you see someone sitting on the street begging. Don’t you have the thought within. Why? Or at least. Saying within yourself. I don’t want to be in that position?

How come that in our so-called enlightened society we have people scrambling for used cans in garbage bins? How come that exist? And why does our politicians not do anything about it? Why is that it is accepted as something normal and okay that some people don’t have anything at all?

In school the world as it looks is given to us through information. We are teached about how the world functions. As if it something normal. As if there should be war, as if there should be unfortunate and fortunate people. Why has nobody ever considered that it could be changed?

I speak with my mother, I speak with my father, I speak with people and prepose a equal money system. I hear it will never work. That people would only abuse such a system. Become lazy and not do anything at all. My question to all of you that have this point of view is. Do you really consider our current system to be working?

Does a system that work have war? Does a system that work have starvation? Does a system that work have corruption? Does a system that work have people scrambling for used cans in garbage bins?

Our politicians re-form, our politicians talk. They change small things in hope to make life better. But they fail to see that our entire system is fucked up. It’s based upon competition. It’s based upon highs and lows. It needs somebody to be in the bottom. It needs workers. It’s consumption society. Where we consume. We must consume to make our system go around. Without consumption there is no profit. And without profit there is no money. And without money our system crash. We have trapped ourselfs in this cycle. Through debt. Debt being in all money. All the time you must pay back, and earn more to be able to make your life go around.

This leads to people going around looking for used up cans in garbage bins. This leads to starvation. Because someone must pay the prize. Someone must be the worker. Someone must make profit for the lucky few.

And in all this our schools teaches us to accept status quo. To accept that nothing can be done and that this is how the world should work and will work forever.

Have nobody considered that life might actually be enjoyable? That life could be a adventure where you explore your potential in self-expression? What is your potential? Is picking up cans a enjoyable and worthy thing to do? Would people maybe do something that could actually benefit everyone if they where not forced to create profit. If they where not forced to all the time fight against debt.

Our system is severely limited. Equal money will stop this. And give all a chance to explore the potential they have. What is it that you enjoy to do? With equal money you will be given the oppurtunity to do what it is that you enjoy to do. And then you might actually experience excitement as you wake up in the morning. Excitement towards exploring yourself in your craft. Freedom or slavery. Profit or equality. It’s up to us.


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