Protection for Whistle Blowers

In Sweden we have a cool law called message protection. The law denies possibility for the governance to search for, or punish people that leak information about the government. This has worked very well and the consequence has been that most things done wrong in a Swedish public institution will be spread into newspapers. It’s very hard for anyone to get away with misconduct and abuse of power this way.

In essence what does this law supply? It supplies a right to not be punished if you leave information that will be harmful for a public institution. It works great and people hold much confidence in this law.

Though, what is missed? It’s missed that of our society does not consist of public institutions but corporations. In Sweden you have no protection what so ever if you leave information about the misconduct of corporations. What awaits a whistle-blower are financial hardship and a punishment. It isn’t then that so much of corporation abuse remains a secret, and that there is no principle other than profit the lies as the foundation of all decisions made. If people would be supported to come forward and reveal the actions of their employers without the risk of punishment we would get a much more open and principled society. Because as an employer you would be aware that you couldn’t do everything you want to do, because you will be exposed and revealed.

Equal Money is such a system that supports the exposure of ill-mannered actions taken by corporations. Equal Money removes profit; it removes the ability of the corporations to punish those who step forward as all will have their basic necessities supplied.

The corporations won’t have a need to protect themselves and hide the true nature of their conduct, as they won’t need to generate a profit. Instead of profit we will see principle emerge, and with that a much better world!


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