Reason and Logic is Limitation and Separation

In a book I am reading regarding the European Convention on Human Rights the following can be read:

“The philosophical foundations of human rights are still the subjects of debate. Probably only a few intellectuals in secular Western states would accept the idea that universal moral values exist. If there are no “natural” universal moral values we can discern by the exercise of reason, then the idea of human rights can be seen as a modern replacement for religion. Human rights on this approach are a creation of particular social, economic, and political conditions of the twentieth century, not rights which have always existed. Arguably they are not even a product of rationality, but of a greater capacity relatively well-off human have developed for sympathizing with others.”

An introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights, Iain Cameron, page 25 and forward.

What is in essence stated in the above cited paragraph is that – there is no morality, there is no “good” – there is no “bad” – I have complete free choice. There exist absolutely no rules for me that I must follow – I am can do whatever it is that I wish to do – because – I have free choice.

If there are no natural universal moral values we can discern by reason then the idea of human rights can be seen as a modern replacement for religion. This means in other words that – if there is nothing that holds me back from doing something – I will do that. If there is no gravitation – if there is no all-mighty voice from the sky speaking to me – if I can use my reason to think of something that I want to do and then do it – this means everything is cool.

This shows the complete fuck-up of utilizing reason to understand life. Reason as the cold-calculating logic that stands separate from the physical – located in a small inter-dimensional box between the ears has no idea what real morality is – simply because – it doesn’t exist in the physical. Reason and logic exist outside of the physical. It has no intimate connection with the human physical body – it can’t feel and experience the textures and sensations of this physical reality – reason and logic is completely dead – it has no heart – it has no compassion – it has no feeling – as in feeling the pain and the suffering of others.

Thus – if you don’t feel the pain and the suffering of others – if you exist secluded in a small box between the ears where you utilize words to interpret and analyze the physical as if it is something that is separate from you – obviously you will come to the conclusion that there is no morality. You come to this conclusion because you are not in reality – you actually do not experience reality – you do not feel what reality is – here as breath as the physical and due to this you can’t possibly realize and see that – there are indeed universal moral values here. These universal moral values do not stem from reason – as logic – as the act of thinking – as the act of interpreting reality. These universal moral values stems from the physical – they stem from the application of loving your neighbor as yourself – they stem from the application of giving as you would to receive – they stem from the ability and skill to place yourself in the shoes of another.

Within doing such – looking at reality objectively – where you place yourself in each and every life of this world and you experience it as yourself you will see that there are universal moral values. There are certain things we DON’T want to experience. There are certain things we DO want to experience. It’s simple common sense.

You do want to eat – you don’t want to starve.
You do want to be able to free – you don’t want to be locked into a prison.
You do enjoy warmth – clothing – supporting your human physical body. You don’t enjoy freezing – having no clothes and having no ability to shield yourself from nature.

It’s common sense. Logic and reason are limited – confined and isolated – separate from reality as the physical where there are certain specific moral values. There are consequences for your actions – these consequences can be measured – the outcome can be seen as to how others and yourself are influenced by what you allow yourself to live. This reality is based upon mathematics – thus if you utilize your reason within the context of the physical – as what you see is acceptable and what you see is not acceptable as a experience to be had in the physical – you will be able to direct yourself into a position and application of yourself where you actually bring forth a world that is best for all.

A world that is best for all – this is not a theory – this is not an idea – it’s a actual and practical physical fact. You can see when someone is enjoying themselves – you can see when someone is sad – you can see when someone is nurtured and experience themselves at ease with their environment – this is not based upon reason or logic – this is actual physical practicality.

So – let’s not get lost in logic, reason and philosophy – it’s complete and utter bullshit. The physical is here – right in front of our eyes urging us to open them. When we do – we will see – if we dare – that reality is not subject for debate. Reality is what is here and works according to mathematics – it works according to = what you put in – is what you get out.

Reality is reality and we can with out eyes see what is acceptable and not acceptable. You must not be able to think to do such – if you are here – in the physical reality – you will see what is cool and what is not cool. To think and argue in your mind utilizing logic and reason – that is self-deception and complete separation from the physical. Thus – complete separation from yourself.

Come back to the physical everyone – thinking is for those that do not allow themselves to see directly. When you are here – no thought is needed – no philosophy is needed. You act and you act in accordance to what is best for all – that is no mystery – it’s nothing to be figured out – it’s mathematics.


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