Starvation is Unacceptable

Why do we have unnecessary suffering? Why do we allow unnecessary suffering? To fall and bruise your leg can be classified as necessary suffering – you must learn that if you fall you are going to experience pain – thus it’s a point of understanding self-responsibility. But why do we allow people to starve to death?

See – starvation is such a pointless death – we currently have more than enough food to sustain everyone that is living on earth and yet – people are allowed to die from starvation. Why do we allow unnecessary suffering? The big secret is – profit – greed – money. The other secret is – fear.

See – food is kept from those that need because if food was given to everyone it would loose it’s value in money – thus people starve and die so that someone can earn money. Everyone is playing a part in this game – profit is often referred to and spoken about on television – everywhere actually – but has anyone researched what profit really implies?

Profit implies growth – with a limited supply of money in this world this means that in order for you to have a profit somebody else must loose out – in order for you to profit on your food and earn more money than what others do – food must be made scarce and people must go through unnecessary suffering?

The question we should ask ourselves is – how could we allow this? We are in essence murders – killers – violent and psychopathic monsters – because isn’t this what we term those that harm other beings? We are harming other beings extensively through participating and using our current monetary system in which money and profit have been given a higher value than the actual reality we share – a higher value than the actual beings that we share this reality with.

Money – profit – greed – it’s what our society strives for – profit is pictured as something good – but where does this profit come from? Is it understood that someone must actually loose in order for there to be profit? Somebody must give away for someone to take – this is simple common sense – now seeing that there are people starving – dying from diseases that are easily curable can we still term profit something that is good? Profit for the individual is at the demise of the group – the group is our entire world population of which 80% lives in a condition which we in the elitist conditions would terms poverty.

Realize – you are responsible – if you accept and allow this system to continue as it does you are a killer – you are a murderer – you are a cold-blooded psychopath – because see the outflows of the current monetary system in the world. It’s horrific and unacceptable and as soon as you see – you’re not innocent anymore and you can’t claim that you don’t know.

What we say is that it’s to hard – it’s to big – this is not so – the system is made up of individual human-beings which all support the current system to remain as it is within the belief that it’s to big – that we can’t do it. Thus the simplicity of the solution is to make all the building blocks as human beings aware of what is happening in this world and how we are individually making this happen.

Realize that if you don’t act – nothing is going to happen – if you are one of those few beings still with that spark of life in you – with that spark as the desire to change the current system from a system of abuse to a system that supports all equally – then act. Research common sense actions that accumulate what is best for all and stick to those.

We re-educate the individual building blocks of mankind making all see that if we desire change – we must individually stand up and become that very change as we actively make ourselves and our message seen – proving to others that there is an alternative – there is another way – suffering is not how we must live. It’s been accepted to be this way – it’s been allowed to be this way  – this does not mean that you must allow it. We are able to stand up and say – till here no further – this world as it currently functions and exists is not acceptable and I will not allow this.

For generations we have accepted – we have allowed – we have let the atrocities continue and we’ve forget the word’s of Jesus – do unto another as you would like to be done unto yourself. And we’ve blamed governments – we’ve blamed money – we’ve blamed education – we’ve blamed god – we’ve blamed our parents. We haven’t yet taken a look at ourselves. How are we living – what am I living – do I honor life or do I honor fear? Do I honor equality or do I honor greed?

Would you be able to stand up – leave everything in your life –your friends – family – boyfriend/girlfriend only to stand for the solution – for that which is best for everyone. I have done that – I will continue to do this until the day I die – this is the statement I am living until I cease to exist – equality or nothing – equality or I remove myself to never again exist – if there is no equality life is not life – it’s a prison.

Thus – let’s stand up and force this change. Investigate the desteni income plan – investigate equal money – investigate SRA. Together yet individually we are going to make this change happen.


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