The right to be a child

When I grew up in this world I knew I was fortunate for being a child. I knew that my time as a child would be the only time in which I would truly be able to be free so to speak.

As a child I didn’t have to earn money because my parents did that for me. I didn’t have to worry about find myself a job because my parents did that for me. My point of freedom was that I wasn’t yet fully drawn into the big competition of greed, fear and survival. I was still a child and I could still give my days to playing, building lego, laughing with my friends, exploring the woods and take my bicycle to go and bath in the close-by sea.

Some of us born on this planet never had the chance to experience such a childhood where there was actually for a short amount of time real freedom available for me to do what I wanted to do. Most of us born on this planet actually don’t have the privilege of being born into a family where there is enough money for the child to live his first years exploring this world without any conditions placed upon him.

At the age of seven I started school. This is where most children start to work in order to sustain the family with enough money to place food on the table. I’ve lived a life where I have never had to worry about food at all. I haven’t had to worry about clothing, health-care and education either. It’s all been given to me. I’ve lived a life that has been very sheltered from the atrocities that is accepted in this world and that most people being born see and experience first-hand.

My parents though, they had to work and strive in order to sustain me with this freedom I experienced as a child. Each day they had to go to their work and they had to satisfy their boss and please their clients so that they could at the end of the month receive a pay-check for which food would be placed on the table. As a child this world of survival was not yet existing and I didn’t know what demands where placed upon my parents and what a world it was that I was actually living in.

I did see that my parents wasn’t free, they where bound, enslaved into patterns and into responsibilities but I couldn’t see why, what is the price you pay if you do not comply with the expectations that is placed on you? I didn’t know that the price is starvation and death. That is the consequence if you don’t have money. You will become homeless, you will not have any food to eat, you will not have any proper clothes to shelter yourself from the cold, you will not have health-care when you get sick, you will not have education as you grow up. That was the pressure my parents faced, taking care of a child in a world that doesn’t give a shit about humans and how they experience themselves.

Luckily for me my parents managed to earn the money needed in order for me to grow up in a protected environment. A small heaven, where there was no dangers, no evils, no fear, no death. There was my school, my friends, my room, my computer, my bicycle and my books. I had a life which I enjoyed to live. I slept in a bed and I wore comfortable and warm clothes and I didn’t have to worry about my survival. That is what everyone deserve and should have.

And my parents should not have been placed under pressure in order to sustain this for me. The requirement to work and earn money in order to have access to the most basic necessities is not acceptable. Anyone can see and understand that if your working under threat of punishment, the punishment being death, that this is slave-labor.

My parents had to each and every month work and strive in order to sustain our family with money. If they would have failed to do so I would not have experienced a childhood likened to a small heaven. With no money my family would have experienced a life of great hardship and misery. Nobody should live in such conditions, nobody, it’s simply not acceptable. Why should anyone have to be placed in such conditions? People that are just the same as you and me. Me and my family was lucky, we had money, but it was just luck and we could have just as well ended up as one of those families without any money.

Why do we keep this feudal system of money slave-labor? Don’t we have the heart and compassion to see that a life of starvation and poverty is not what anyone should experience or go through. If we would share and work together instead of competing and fighting against each-other in a money system with chronic scarcity we would be able to create heaven on earth.

Heaven on earth is a place where all children born on this earth get to have the same childhood as I had. They get to live and experience freedom without any pressure and without any hardship.

Heaven on earth is a place where all parents have their basic necessities unconditionally granted so that they can enjoy the expression of their child and support their child without any pressure and fear around money. My parents would have been with me in my unconditional enjoyment of being here on this earth with no fear and anxiety in relation survival.


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