The System Fucked People

Why do we exist in a world where our money system is accepted as normal?

As I go through my day I often come across people telling me. That I must work to earn my money. And money as it is today is the right to live. So I must work to earn my right to live.

The question I ask now is, who is holding my right to live? Who has decided that he is god and the he is to decide what I must do or not do to be able to live?

And as I look at the system in which I am in. I see nobody. I see really nobody being in control of this system. If we look at a person breaking the law. As he have become pissed of that he must work to earn his right to live. He is sentenced to jail by a judge. Now this judge is as much controlled by the system as anybody else. If the judge do not follow the laws given to him he will be at the mercy of the system. Others will take his place and bring him down and send him to jail.

So everyone follows the laws laid before us. Follows what we believe to be right not considering that what has been laid out before us. Is bullshit. And doesn’t support anyone.

I mean, is there truly anyone sitting with all the power in this system? How easily is not to get into the other side of the system. Where all your control backfire against you. And you are trapped in your own deception.

What is fascinating is how empty this system is. How weak this system is. What really makes this system seem stable, and seem like it’s working is all the people that daily participate and believe this system. The world system to be real.

What if everyone. And here I really mean everyone would realize that this system is a buch of words given worth to by us, and that it serves no real purpose other than to shackle self-expression. The entire system would stop. Everything would stop. Lawyers, judges, policemen, politicians, beurocrats, all the cogs of the machinery suddenly realizing. But hey, what is this really?

That is the funny thing with out system. Some say fuck the system. There is really no system to fuck. There are system-fucked people instead. Which have been fucked with a belief that there are laid-down rules that one must follow. And that one can’t change here to what is best for all.

We got served with shit from the generation before us. But now it’s time to stop the shit and develop some real shit. Some real shit that can support everyone. And instead of fucking the system. We unfuck the people that have been system-fucked through sharing common sense with them. At first they will resist as their ideas and beliefs about reality and what is possible are ingrained. But as we show them how much brighter life could be without a complicated system of laws and rules and ideas that doesn’t benefit anyone. They will see.

And a financial crisis, the total collapse of our current system. Will help us in this regard.


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