Violence Towards Busdrivers

Violence towards bus drivers – so reads today’s newspaper.

So – people have physically abused bus drivers five times in a short amount of time. This is so frequent and unusual that bus drivers are getting worried that they might be the next in line.

Why the bus drivers are physically abused is still, somewhat, unclear. In the article it’s explained that people attempting to get into the bus without paying the ticket fine initiate most rows and conflicts. When asked to pay the ticket fine the “could-have-been-passengers-if-they-had-money” in some cases get pissed off – because they have no money. This then leads to the situations where bus drivers become physically abused.

So – we have a problem here. A problem caused by money. Bus drivers become physically abused, as they happen to experience the consequences of our money system directly – people that don’t have money and that within such an experience become stressed and possessed with fear.

The government said that they would as a solution – “deal with this problem”. What they mean is that they will use fear as police officers, feigns and awaiting jail-sentences in order to have people submit and not take out their frustrations on bus drivers. Using fear as punishment in order to suppress the consequences that are unavoidable in a system that do not consider life and the experience of the individual human being in anyway what-so-ever.

See – the root of the problem isn’t the frustration – the root of the problem is what caused the frustration. And as can be read in the article – money is the origin of the physical abuse. Here is then the real problem – our current money system and the accepted and allowed inequality of and as this current money system. Where some people becomes completely shoved to the side with no support given what-so-ever. Is it strange that people become crazy in this world? Or, are maybe the people that support this system the crazy ones? And those that completely loose all sense of hope and act out their frustration upon bus drivers – those that reflect the reality of our current world situation?

I mean – we can make one conclusion. Something is fucked up when people beat up random bus drivers due to them asking for the ticket fine. Something is fucked and punishment is not the solution – we’ve been punishing people since the birth of Adam and Eve – nothing has changed!

No – we need to look further – we need to be honest with ourselves and see the origin of the decay, misery, frustration and loss of hope. And see that is our current money system and the inequality flowing from it that is the cause of the insanity of humanity.

We need to support each-other. We need to assist each-other. And if one has two pieces of bread and the other none – the one with two pieces gives one of his pieces to the one with none. We need EQUALITY and the end of using another –as slavery – to build luxury. We can all have luxury! We can all be millionaires! If we help each-other and we support each-other in EQUALITY – ANYTHING is possible!

Thus – research equal money as this is the key to heaven on earth.


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