Waking Up In A Equal Money System

This text will place you into the equal money system. Which is a system where your basic nessecities that are required to live are ensured. In the equal money system all participants unconditionally get an equal amount of money with which all will be able to support themselves. This text will function as a window for you. And through reading this you will get an understanding of how your life is going to change when equal money for all is implemented. Both internally and externally. The changes that I am going to show you will only be in relation to the equal money system. Which is but a part of the entire system that the equal life foundation presents as a solution to the troubles we face in this world.

No details will be covered within this text of how the system practically functions. This will simply be your window into a future where equal money is set up and running as the new system of exchange in the world. And the basic point that is to be shown is. How much your life will transform towards the positive when you are not in fear of survival anymore and your basic comfort is secured.

You are opening your eyes. You are lying in your bed in your home and the sun is dawning. This is you waking up in a equal money system. In this system you have the money you need to supply yourself with food, housing, electricity. All these things which me must have to be able to live comfortable lifes. Which means that your are no required to work. As you sit up in your bed this will probably be the first major difference that you notice. That work is not anymore a thing which must be done to ensure your survival. This might bring up some interessting considerations on your behalf.

If you no longer require your labour. Would you then actually go and do your work? Or would you realize that the labour you do is and has been nothing but your way of surviving and never what you wanted to do. The work that you do might have been your last option. And you didn’t like it but your where simply forced to stay because money was required for you to be able to support yourself. This day though, as you take a leap out of your bed and look out your window there are no such requirements.
As you pick up your morning paper and the usual bills for electricity, phone, rent that also come with the mail you will start to realize the magnitude of the change that have taken place. The bills you are holding in your hand doesn’t anymore hold any power over you. With the money that you are granted unconditionally you will be able to pay those bills. And how many have not experienced the anxiety towards not making the rent. The home is such an important aspect of life. And up until this day you have always been at risk to loose your appartment. Might be that you would loose your job and suddenly the rent can’t be payed. And before you know it you are without anywhere to live. To many people this is a big concern and fear which would in the equal money system simply be taken away.

With a sigh of relief you place the bills on your dining table as you sit down to read the news. You make some breakfast for yourself. Food that you now will have supplied for you unconditionally through the equal money system.
As you have eaten your last slice of bread and your cup of coffe is empty you will probably start to wonder what can be done with such a day. And here is where the true beauty of the equal money system comes to life. You are for the first time in the history of mankind actually able to choose what you are going to do with your day. And as to exactly how this will be possible will be explained later. For now simply see the possibilities that open up before you. It must feel quite strange to simply sit there and realize that there is no pressure anymore to get these green things called money.
How much of your life before this moment have been circling around the point of making money? How many thoughts have been circulating in your head everyday around the point of having, loosing and making money? How many decisions have allowed to slip by because you didn’t have enough money? How much is your life, or was your life built around the point of money?

In the equal money system life is going to change from our current way of living which is survival based. To a way of living that is experience based. Where you will take decisions based upon how you experience yourself. Instead of taking decisions based upon how you can survive.

Money will never be the god in your life. Instead you are now god in your own life. Money doesn’t anymore decide where you are going to live, what you are going to eat, how you are going to travel, what relationships you have, what education you get, what friends you meet. You decide.
You won’t anymore have certain people in your life which you must obey and comprise yourself before. Those people have only managed to have control over your life because they had more money than you. Your boss, your land-owner, the various people in your life which you up to this point have been dependent upon will not anymore have advantage over you. Money has been that which have given people their power and their ability to move around in the world. And because some have been more fortunate than others. Owners and slaves have developed. You do probably recognize this fact as you look at conditions you are facing within your world.

The fact that our society have been polarized and people become transformed into either slave-owners or slaves have created a much hardship for everyone. The slave-owners fear becoming slaves and the slaves fear not being given anymore money. All in all the result has been that we have forgot to live by principle. And we have forgot to live in accordance with what is best for everyone. The set-up of our current system has in every possible way limited us from standing up and stating how we want to experience our life, which people we want in our life, and how we want to express ourselves in life. Our possibility to take any major decisions and live by our own accord has been diminished into nothingness. Because in our current system we are all the time dependent upon money. And all the time we must get this money from someone that isn’t ourselves. Which means that we are always placing ourselves, and that we always must place ourselves into a position where we must compromise our integrity.
In a equal money system this dependency will once and for all be stopped. As all are given an unconditional amount of money. Through this a new way of participation between people will develop. Where all interactions must be of mutual benefit. You can’t anymore use money as the whip to get everyone to fall in line with your wishes. All must benefit.
A abusive boss won’t anymore have any workers. A abusive land-lord won’t anymore have any settlers. A corporation abusing nature won’t anymore have any workers, or any support from other corporations. See how much of our society that functions and circulates because money is unequally existing between individuals. And see how much harm and abuse that has stemmed from this relationship. Abuse towards people, nature, animals, the sea, the forests. This will now come to an end. We will now be able to direct ourselves through understanding.


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