Water Shortage and Corporative Greed

I’ve today watched a documentary called flow that I recommend to everyone wanting to gain insight and understanding as to how we have fucked ourselves beyond measures – in terms of ourselves and the caretaking of our earth.

The documentary shows how water has been abused for profit. How corporations have without any regard for environment, or human beings charged big amounts of money for drinking water in countries where most people are poor – which has had the effect that the poor people are forced to drink water that is dirty and unpurified. In relation to this is to be said that more than 30 000 people die a day from diseases with their origin in contaminated, or bacterial infested water.

As well as charge high prices for such a life essential resource as water – the corporations are also responsible for contaminating water. When there is unwanted debris, and cinder left over from production – corporations dump it in water streams. Do they care that people and environment suffer from such an action? No – they are only concerned about money, and apparently the stockholders are not responsible, as the only own the stocks – or, are they responsible? Letting their greed and fear control their actions – owning their stocks with only one objective in mind – profit.

Then there are dams being built. Huge dams that stops rivers from flowing, that forces people to move, that disturbs the natural ecosystem of nature – done by governments and corporations that promises evolution, but gives only devolution. That promises new land to the people – yet never follow through with any such promise.

Further there are corporations such as Nestle that have become experts at selling bottled water contained in under pretty pictures of mountains, and a image of freshness and cleanliness – to prices that much, much higher than usual tap water. And what is the fascinating thing? Nestle, as well as other companies are in fact selling tap water – yet they market it as special water coming from a mountain in the alps, and people believe the shit without a question!

Corporations have come to mine the clean groundwater of communities – scraping the last clean and pure water into their machinery of profit, leaving the people to settle with contaminated, destroyed and dysfunctional water.


This behavior is unacceptable. To mine water for profit – leaving people with no access to clean drinking water, leaving wells, groundwater and rivers to decay, erode, and be contaminated is simply unacceptable! Our profit driven system of capitalism has simply gone to far. When are we going to realize that there is in no way any form of evolution involved in how our world system functions and operates? Profit kills people! And we all search for this profit, this new stash of money only in order to suppress our fear of what might happen if we run out of money. Why not simply give us a sufficient amount of money? We not arrange so that don’t have to worry, don’t have to fear, don’t have to scurry around for profit?

It doesn’t need to be this way. We can support ourselves – we can support our environment – we can support our plants – we can support our animals – we can support earth – we don’t need to suffer! We don’t need to compete – we don’t need to struggle!


Wake up!

Our world is a fucking disgrace!

Research Equal Money – and Realize that there is a Solution – in which capitalism plays NO role at ALL.

Kill Greed – Kill Capitalism – Kill Fear

Equal Money For All


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