What has been missed in a resource based economy?

On Resource Based Economy from http://www.thevenusproject.com/a-new-social-design/essay#resource

– ”To better understand the meaning of a resource-based economy consider this: If all the money in the world were to suddenly disappear, as long as topsoil, factories, and other resources were left intact, we could build anything we chose to build and fulfill any human need. It is not money that people need, but rather it is freedom of access to most of their necessities without ever having to appeal to a government bureaucracy or any other agency. In a resource-based economy money would become irrelevant. All that would be required are the resources, manufacturing, and distribution of the products.” –

Let us consider this world, as it currently exists. We have 6 billion people in this world which of mostly everyone have constructed their way of living to earn money. That means, they have placed themselves in positions of labor only in order to get money, if money would disappear, as the incentive to work, as their direction to work, so would their will to work.

What money functions as today are a whip and a carrot, and with this whip and carrot as the promise for survival or of great hardship people are placed into labor to support the existence of other people as society. To make this clear, most of our labor is here because it in some way or another directly supports to uphold the structure of the human society. These are obviously not all jobs, as some only exist as a complete commercial lie in order to get profit. But as our current society functions, many of our jobs are a necessity for the everyday life of people to work. These jobs that are a necessity for life to work are done by people only because of money, as they are often very physically tiring and not very creatively rewarding. It’s the heavy, dirty and tough jobs that uphold the foundation of our society as jobs located within these categories food, construction, distribution, communication, infrastructure, environment, resources, resource re-fining.

Thus consider that you in one moment remove all money from this world. Suddenly, you have removed the sense of direction, the sense of purpose for 6 billion people. The only sense of stability as who they are, what they do, and why they do what they do. Do you think they will continue to do their work? Can you trust anyone to continue his or her work in such a situation? Where everything you have lived for in your life up to this point is suddenly gone. The only trust you had that you would be able to give yourself the necessary goods and services for you to be able to survive as the only promise you knew to be real as money.

Thus, consider the stupidity of removing our current money system, which is the actual oxygen that supports the current structure and movement of society. The oxygen as money that makes everything seemingly effortlessly. The oxygen as the promise for survival that makes everyone do what he or she is told to do. Because don’t for a second think that anyone does labor because they enjoy it, oh no, it’s the whip, it’s do it or die. And this is obviously unacceptable and must change, but realize the stupidity of attempting to change this in one moment.

The entire society would fall together in one moment, as all people would stumble around alone attempting to scrape together resources in order to survive. Money is actually that which allows a highly competitive creature that is designed to survive upon the cost of others to actually keep a society going. It’s the medium of control that has placed people into doing things that is necessary to be done for others to be able to live, that else wouldn’t be done. It’s the medium of control that has allowed many people to work (slave) together to provide humanity with food, re-fined resources, un-refined resources, goods and services. Obviously it has all been done from a point of greed, where people have been forced into slavery (work) to support a few that then could live in big cities and big mansions without having to actually work to support them in this world at all. And we have built up this giant system around the point of slavery, which has been set into motion through using a lie called money. Lying to people through making them believe that they need money in order to acquire the necessities they need in order to survive. So you can imagine what would happen to humanity and to society if that oxygen which each and everyone’s daily participation is based upon would disappear. It would become fucking ugly.

Thus, consider the impossibility of removing money at this stage, that is, if you don’t want to completely destroy any trace of civilization, as we know it. And why would you? Civilization actually supports people to live at this moment, obviously in unacceptable conditions for many, as there is no equality, but still. There is food, and there are houses, there is a working infrastructure, and a working distribution of goods and services that would be wiped out if money would disappear. There is an actual structure of support that can be used to support everyone if it’s utilized correctly.

What is important to see: if man is ever to change this current system of capitalism to something that is of benefit to everyone re-education is needed. At this moment there exist no self-responsibility or drive within man to do what is best for all. There exist only mistrust, fear of others, and a competitive personality possessed with fear with only one mission. To survive. And that is what is currently here. Thus, to change our current system we must take into consideration what is here and work with that. So, to change this system, without any preparation, any re-education, where beings would learn how to take responsibility and how to live in a way that is best for all would not work. It would not bring any change as the actual cause of the problem as the nature of man would still be here.

Thus, the solution is to utilize the importance man has placed in money to force re-education. And through slowly re-educating man re-placing our current capitalistic money system with a system where all have equal money, equal resources, equal ability to interact and move themselves within this world. But this will only be possible as we stop the nature of fear and greed that is currently existent within man and promulgated in our current system of debt.

So resource economy is a cool idea, but it doesn’t take into consideration the nature of man and will thus not work. So let’s work with what is here and establish a world that is best for all as equality within the consideration of how man exists and experiences himself at this date.


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