What has been missed in Technocracy

Technocracy is a suggested solution to the continent of North America. The technocrat wants to abolish compulsory labor and instead establish a unconditional payment for each and every citizen. The incentive for people will remain because within the technocracy system everyone will be able to satisfy all their materialistic desires as education and wares for consumption which will be produced and exist in abundance. The founders of technocracy realized that they through using the already existent industrial complex of North America and the resources available to produce enough goods and wares in abundance to all people in North America. This the technocrats proved scientifically through statistic research. What is fascinating though, is that this suggestion and realization hasn’t actually been implemented. I mean, it’s a very cool solution in terms of stopping unnecessary human suffering such as poverty, starvation, crime and all other money related issues.

Then, why hasn’t it been implemented? The simple reason is the following. Within researching the resources of North America and the possibility to implement a technocratic system the technocrats forgot the most important resource of them all. The human being. And as such, they forgot to consider that the human being in its current form will not see, understand and act upon common sense. The current human being is programmed to exist within fear, greed and competition and thus, to implement the technocratic system have been impossible. Simply because, there is not enough people that supports equality and what is best for all, as they instead exist within self-interest.

Thereby, the technocratic solution is not a solution, as it does not consider the actual, current human nature, which will need, in order to be able to establish a system that is based upon equality and what is best for all re-education. Without re-education man will not support equality, man will not see equality, man will not understand equality and thus a system where equality and what is best for all is valued and acted upon will be impossible.

So within the science that the technocrats relied their research upon they didn’t consider what the current human nature is. If they had done so, they would have realized that to implement a technocratic society without first re-educating all humans on the principle of equality would be impossible. Consider the amount of people that have much to loose within the implementation of equality as a technocratic system, is it strange that it has never become a reality?

This is where equal money differs from all others solutions. Because within the solution of equal money, the re-education of man will be considered. It will be done through every single human being re-educating him/herself to understand and act upon equality as what is best for all. And thus we will re-fine the most important resource of human society, which determines the actual outflow of the human society, the human-being.

In the technocratic system reliance is placed upon machines and technology not realizing that the hands controlling the levers of the machine are that of a human. And in our current situation, where all humans have through a long period of time, from generation to generation been educated to survive and to exist within fear and self-interest a change over one night is simply not possible. It is not realistic.

And this is why the technocratic society isn’t in place as we speak. Because the founders didn’t consider that the actual point that must be changed in order for society to change is man, as man determines how society will look and how each one will experience themselves within the society.

Thus, it’s a cool idea, mathematically correct, resources are abundant, but the one resource that is needed for the mathematical equation to fall into place does not yet exist. Which is, the self-responsible, compassionate and caring man.


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