Zeitgeist Suggest Revolution – Desteni Suggest Equal Agreement Through Understanding

Zeitgeist presents revolution as being the solution to our current problems in the world. In this revolution we take our money and we throw them at the national central banks – in this making a statement that “We are fighting your control – we will not be controlled!”

In the zeitgeist movie politics is professed as – not a solution! Only corruption and shit comes from politics. Instead a revolution is suggested. Well – let’s look at the practicality of the situation and see what will benefit us the most – is revolution such a good idea? Or is political change the best?

If we go with the revolution the entire system as it currently functions will collapse. That means that distribution will fail – food production will fail – electricity production will fail – law enforcement will fail – education will fail as there will be no more money; money is whether you recognize it or not, the blood of the system – that which makes things move.

Thus – if you prefer a revolution before a political change you’ll throw the world into great turmoil as each human being will become possessed with his fear – there is no food! There is no electricity and warmth! I am stuck in a city with no way of assuring my survival! How do you think that scenario would end? Do you think that this scenario would lead to enlightenment and greater world for everyone? No – it would lead to destruction and chaos as our current foundation and stability that is our current money system and governmental system collapse. If we remove our current monetary and governmental system – we will remove the support that our entire lives are based upon. Not suggested!

Thus – look let’s look at the practical endeavors of changing our current system through politics. This means we would within the current rules of the system move ourselves as a group – we would be prepared and know what must be done in terms of changing the governmental system and the money system to support everyone. We would not face any resistance from police or governmental forces as we wouldn’t oppose them – they would be equally included in our political manifesto as to how we are to change the current expression and experience of people, plants and animals on earth.

Through going the route of politics we would take control of an already settled and quite stable world-system – which we then would direct to support everyone equally. The election would be done legally as one man one vote – thus we would face no violence. In a revolution violence and suffering is something that comes with – if you change through politics you change within the laws of the system – within the stability of our current accepted social life – and as such do not create any resistance as you are of no opposite polarity.

As you see the solution is not to give away our money – to resist the system and blame “those in power” as being those sole responsible for the earth as it currently looks. The solution is not to go out on the streets – scream and be violent and oppose what is here as you within doing so – separate yourself from what is already here and as such create conflict.

We don’t want more conflict – violence and separation – we want actual change. See how much more effective a political solution is in comparison to a violent revolt.

In a political solution you’ll have stability and a foundation as a system that is already laid down before you with which you can work – that foundation and stability does not exist in a revolution. In a revolution it’s each man for him – each and everyone completely possessed with fear and anxiety – acting from a starting point of panic – not being able to see the actual common sense that is presented. Not able to in a calm and peaceful way change themselves in accordance to laws placed down for the benefit of everyone. In a revolution there is no laws and as such no ability to implement regulations and laws that will support equality and what is best for all – as such a return to the dark ages and the “survival of the fittest”

In a political change there is an already accepted agreement – an agreement which can be utilized in order to motivate change – as a platform for change – as we implement laws and make decisions that is based upon the benefit of everyone.

It’s clear that a political solution – where you create the change in accordance with the rules that is already here – through education, awareness and agreement – you’ll have a much more stable foundation and a actual change. The change will come through people being aware of and in understanding as to the decision they make – it won’t be a action taken in adrenaline and the spur of the moment – but a action taken within a moment of seeing what is actually presented.

This is what we want to do at Desteni as we present an equal money system and as we within presenting an equal money system educate the world as to how it will function – why it will function and how such a system will be what is best for all. It’s not an action taken within anger as a revolt towards someone else as a statement of blame. It’s an action taken within self-responsibility as the realization that the current state of the world is our creation – as such it’s our responsibility to sort this out.

Thus – investigate equal money – which is a political solution – not enforced – but pushed through each individuals understanding, awareness, and expansion as to the mathematical nature of this reality. We do not propose something that is above anyone – we show a system, which everyone can understand and get to know the details of. The practical phase of establishing it and how it will work when it’s established. This is not a fantasy but a solution that considers what is already here and works with the conditions given in the way the will bring about a change in the most effective manner possible.

We suggest an agreement based upon understanding between all – instead of a revolution based upon anger and blame.

So – be one vote for world equality – be one vote for what is best for all and in that – what is best for you.


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