Economic Armageddon

After the financial crisis that occurred at 2009 the Swedish government have begun to cut on costs and save money. At the moment the Swedish national debt is 12,5 % of GNP and this is a record low. The reason as to why the debt is pushed down and the national treasury is protected with claws and beaks, is to prevent a possible future bank collapse. Wherein the major banks of Sweden would default. This is something that wants to be avoided at all costs, because if the banks default the Swedish government will become responsible to pay back – to the former bank customers – the money that has been lost.

This might seem strange as the Swedish banks last year presented a positive operating result of 11 billion dollars. But when one takes a look at how much money is involved as the total of debts and assets in the four biggest banks of Sweden, one find something fascinating . The total of debts and assets are 1771 billion dollars while the Swedish GNP on the other hand is 511 billion dollars. As such it’s enough that one of these banks default for the Swedish economy to be in serious trouble.

A comparison would be Ireland where the banks as the financial crisis of 2007-2010 hit the homes ended up with severe monetary issues. Irelands national debt was before the crisis 25 % of GNP and now it’s at 125 % of GNP.

The Swedish economy isn’t anymore separate and protected from the rest of the world’s monetary issues. At this moment Swedish banks have debt in foreign banks to a size of 1,5 times the GNP of Sweden. As such great problems would be on the horizon if a new economical crisis would hit and foreign investors decided that they wanted to have their money back. And how likely is it that this will happen? It’s already been close once as the Latvian economy was on the verge of disappearing into a black hole. The Swedish government was only hours away from having to take charge as the owner of two major banks.

Thus, what can be concluded from the above-mentioned instability in the economic system? Firstly it’s to be understood that all countries are connected in their debt. And that if one country falls – all others will fall. Secondly it’s to be seen that the banks have more financial strength than countries. As such it’s the banks that makes the rules and not the country. If the banks fall then the country will fall. Because if we look at what is shown by the numbers, it’s clear that Sweden will not be able to take charge of the banks and handle their debts without the national economy falling together completely.

Thus, we’re in a precarious situation my brothers and sisters. We have put ourselves in this situation ourselves, as we have decided that our life is to be the subject of a money system that is based upon debt. Now it’s time to pay back the debt.

Though, there is a solution. Economy is not a monster separate from our directive will. We can decide to create a new system that would benefit everyone. Never have any ups and never have any downs. But support each and everyone with the basic necessities of life unconditionally and the opportunity to labor to acquire the luxury of life at all times. This system is called the equal money system. Please investigate so we don’t have to go through an economic Armageddon.


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