Good Friday and The Evidence That Money is God

Good Friday is a religious holiday that has its root in the crucifixion of Jesus. So each year Christian people of all varieties gather to celebrate, or a more proper word might be remember, the crucifixion.

In the Philippines this has been taken to an extreme. Here Christians by their own choosing decide to be crucified for some hours. Nails are hammered through their hands and their feet’s and then they are left hanging.

As these people are asked why they decide to be crucified one brings up money as a reason. He says that due to him being crucified each year god has been extra good to him and he has thus won the lottery several times. The people that follow the spectacle are there to get their sicknesses cured or their wishes fulfilled. Thus – everyone involved do it for his or her own selfish purposes.

Looking at this scene of Christian people driving nails through their limbs in order to receive love from their god, one might ask what kind of god this really is, that allows such abuse to take place in order for his love to be granted. People want their sicknesses to be cured, they want their wishes to be fulfilled, or they want to win at the lottery; all of these things can be supplied with money.

If you have money you will receive the necessary medical treatment to get healthy. If you have money you will be able to buy that which you wish to have. If you have money you are already a lottery winner. So what god are actually people praying too? They are praying to the money god. Because everyone wants their life to become better, yet they fail to see that it’s money that makes their life better and not god. That is why they end up abusing their human physical bodies in order to receive some peace in this harsh reality – they don’t understand who answers all prayers. It’s not an invisible guy in sky – it’s money!

And as I said, everyone is doing this for his or her own selfish purposes. Everyone is doing it to get something out of it. This rhymes badly with the principle that Christianity is apparently – so they say – founded upon; do unto another as you would like to be done unto you. I mean, here we see instead people abusing their bodies, praying to have their own wishes fulfilled, with no regard what so ever towards the rest of the world or even their next-door neighbor and his life. The practical application of Christianity is the complete contradiction of the values proclaimed in the bible. Christianity as such is useless and should be banned as it allows people to abuse their bodies for money.

I mean, look at these people and what they are doing. They are totally insane, completely brainwashed, not able to think a single critical and self-independent thought; they are total slaves to what has been told to them, as to what is real and important in this reality, as these stories that has been told, as apparently showing the very fabric of our reality as a invisible god, while its complete and total delusion; it’s not here, it’s not physical, it’s not touchable – but people believe it anyway. That is how extremely brainwashed we have become. We abuse ourselves for something that we can’t see, something that we can’t prove in order to get money – instead of changing the system that is here, that we can see, that we can prove, to give us the money necessary for us to live a beneficial and effective life.

I mean god, we have become fucking stupid! If you pray, make sure you pray to the real god! The real god is money. He is real and he always answers your prayers. Don’t forget to pray that everyone have the equal amount of prayers answered as you do – then we have heaven on earth, as equal money for all.

See – that is something we can change, this is where we can have effect. The money system is a physical manifestation that we can direct and change through the utilization of our hands, legs and mouths – we simply need to do it! Then you can stop praying to a god that isn’t real, and you know it, too instead make something of this world that correlates with the message of Christianity; that is do unto another as you would like to be done unto you.

Investigate Desteni “I” Process and Equal Money.


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