Swedens Social Welfare System is Crashing

As mans greed and fear become more prominent in the world the social welfare system of wealthy countries are now crashing. In Sweden, a country that has been world famous for a caring and protective social welfare system, the money is now withdrawn from the public insurances that before gave people a monthly medical support; when they where unable to work due to injury or sickness. This support is now lessening and many our not anymore allowed to have their insurance even though they are still sick – instead they are sent out to work in the system to earn their salary.

This is creating a shock in many, as Sweden has before been such a supportive country for their inhabitants. Everyone has been assured of a steady income and support of if the individual became sick or became unable to work – not anymore.

The money is vanishing from the world and so is the support that is offered by the government, as this happen people are actually beginning to open their eyes to the stupidity and unfairness of our current system. In interviews people say that they do not anymore want a system like this, it’s too much stress, to much fear, to much anxiety and never any form of certainty. Obviously this is so. Our system is complete hogwash, yet you are only able to see this if you are apart of those unfortunate enough to not have money – then your eyes opens and the fuckedness of the system becomes visible. As long as you have money – you will still proclaim that this system is working, while in fact, it’s not.

So, now Sweden is on it’s towards becoming a country of need as much as any other 3rd world country. The inhabitants of Sweden that have had a long history of economical superiority, wherein there hasn’t in several hundred years been any form of lack in terms of money and material wealth, is now reaching a stage where the money supply is tightening.

Obviously, this must happen for the populous of Sweden, as well as any other rich country, for them to realize that our current money system is a fuck up and that we must change it. There have been people living in a position of uncertainty, fear and anxiety with no prospect of any future worthy of hope at all. People have since several hundreds of years become mutilated and abused due to a money system that founded upon and driven within and as the principle of equality. Slaves, 3rd world countries, farmers during the feudal ages, during the entire history of mankind there have been those that were unfortunate – but there has always been enough fortunate to keep the system going. Now we reach a time where the fortunate will be very few and those that suffer will be the large majority – hopefully – if we don’t want to suffer for eternity ­– we will come to our senses and change our system.

Because, it doesn’t need to be this way, there is another way to live and to interact with each other. The equal money system is a system that is founded upon equality – wherein everyone is given equally the fundamentals of life as that which we all require in order to live and prosper as human beings. This is a system that is possible to be implemented and that will finally let you be at peace and release yourself from the claws of worry and fear, because you know that your basic life necessities are assured.

So investigate equal money and let’s leave this unsupportive and inhumane system behind us!


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