Are You the Next Leader of This World?

A highly renowned Swedish politician was a couple days ago arrested due to having squeezed a woman’s breast, without her conscent, on the dance floor of a nightclub. As the police came to the scene the politician stated that he had a high political posture in society – upon which the policeman answered: I don’t care.

Fascinating that an elected official of the people is to go around to squeeze the breasts of people. Couldn’t we expect more from our leaders? No, we couldn’t actually – because: our leaders are born and bread from a society based upon competition and free-choice, wherein the free-choice is of the nature that you are allowed to do anything you want and desire, no matter the consequence for others thereof. Thus – we have a society wherein regard for human beings comes second, if at all, as importance is instead placed upon satisfying one’s own ego.

So, here we have the result of the miss-education that is existent within our society and our world at large. We are simply not taught as children how to live with integrity; how to take actions based upon the influence it will have on others and how to live standing in the shoes of not only you, but also everyone in this world. In short: nobody showed us how to live by the principle of ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. This is why we have leaders, as elected politicians in top governmental positions, that aren’t able to interact with a woman in a manner that isn’t abusive and degrading.

That is why I don’t blame the politician, and as George Carlin said: ‘I never whine about politicians’. The reason he didn’t was that he understood that politicians in a society are but the reflection of the general character of a nation – ‘garbage in and garbage out’ so to speak. Wherein ‘garbage in’ is the parents, as the teachers of the children – and the ‘garbage out’ is the children growing to be adults; re-living and integrating the exact same patterns and behaviors as those that went before them.

And if we look at these patterns and behaviors that the human race currently consists of and exists as – it’s easy to understand why mankind and earth is in such dreary position as it is, and why we have leaders that do not give a shit and aren’t capable of interacting with respect and dignity even in the most simple social situations; what about directing a country then!

As such – if we want change to occur in this world we must first change ourselves. We must remove the faulty and dysfunctional patterns and behaviors that was given to us and then proceed to install patterns and behaviors of common sense, equality, respect for all life and dignity – taking into the consideration the accumulative effect of repetitive living; what we live over and over again will in time shape the greater reality of things.

Thus – as I began to write this article I had in my mind to criticize and give this politician shit, but there is no valid point for doing such. Sure – his behavior is unacceptable, and he should never have been given the trust to lead other people, but in a way he is also innocent. He is the product of a fucked up cultural religion called ‘fear and self-interest’ that has possessed mankind for ages, and ages. To blame him for the patterns that he is living out isn’t valid – he has been brainwashed.

Instead someone needs to take responsibility. Change their programming and stand up as an example of and as excellence in and as living application – the image and likeness of god as what is best for all. Only within such an application of oneself will one be an effective and trustworthy leader that is able to guide a nation to a better life.

Thus – what is required for anyone wanting to change the current conditions of our earth is to first change yourself. There is a course available online educating the future leaders of this world – firstly by helping the student to understand how to lead himself; any leader must first be able to lead himself – from this point all leadership must be developed. Else you can’t possibly know how to take responsibility, and be in charge of others – if you can’t even do it with yourself.

Thus – we need new leaders that respect all life and live in accordance with the principle of what is best for all.

Are you that leader?

Investigate desteni “I” process, as the re-education of man, as the road that leads to heaven on earth, with leaders that care for their people.


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