Greece Bailout – A ship Doomed to Sink

The Greece bailout has failed, as is proven by the fact that there is now another bailout, or a so-called “upgrade” being discussed. A bailout, or “upgrade” is another word for, we are fucked, we need more money else this entire system is going to collapse, and we will be trapped in the rubble! Thus – print that fucking money, fill the holes, the ship is sinking – though nobody can swim and there is no life-rafts – thus do whatever you can! Save yourself!

Though, we are not looking at the cause. We are but fighting the symptoms. That Greece economy is yet again collapsing, and yet again leaves a gaping hole in the metaphorical boat that is our economy – is not coincidence and it’s not something that can be avoided within our current economy. Our economy is built in a polarity, it’s built around the concepts of have and have not’s – it’s constructed around the foundation of debt, as slavery and as such there will be no money capable of plugging this gaping rift in the hull of the boat. We are fucked – as long as we accept and allow our current system to be the guideline and rule by which we live.

What will stop the boat from leaking is to simply realize that – the boat is fucking stupid. We can swim instead. And then we teach each and everyone to swim, so that all can swim around in the ocean equally, and have fun, and play with each-other, and explore the ocean without the constant monster of debt, as the shark waiting in the water, being there as a possible future for the people. This is a metaphorical explanation of EQUAL MONEY.

See – in a EQUAL MONEY system all people would have an equal amount of money. There would be no debt, and money would be given unconditionally from birth to death – as such – no holes to fill – no sharks to avoid – all are able to swim and have fun. And we might even discover some cool island, where we can make a fire and tell stories to each other – who knows!

But right now that isn’t possible – because we are completely engulfed within the task of producing money, to fill the holes, to push away the monster of debt – please! It mustn’t be this way – we can have fun instead!

Investigate EQUAL MONEY!


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