Why USA isn’t helping the People of Bahrain

During the last months Bahrain has been the scenery in which yet another uprising has formed to overthrow an authoritarian government – as has been the case in Tunisia, Egypt as well as Libya.

So, an interesting thing to notice is the shallow support given by USA to the people of Bahrain. USA that is supposed to be a country of the free that travels the world in order to throw over bad dictators, and implement democracy for everyone – what has happened to USA in this scenario?

Well, it turns out the USA’s fifth naval base is located in Bahrain, and it so happens that this military compound is a key strategic point for control over the Persian gulf. And control over the Persian Gulf means to have control over a hell-of-a-lot of oil – which naturally is a prime objective for any self-interested and ego-driven nation such as USA. Though, I shouldn’t be too hard on USA – every single country on this earth is driven by the principle of greed and self-interest; and that is why we have a fucked up world, where you are more likely to suffer than to actually enjoy yourself.

What I want to show with this is two things – firstly: whatever USA states as a reason for any military intervention, as goes with any other country for that matter, in a country – they do it for money! Don’t believe them that they are benevolent and care about democracy and freedom of the individual – they don’t give a fuck! Nobody gives a fuck and this is why we live in a world, as fucked up as this one.

The second thing I want to say is that – there is another way to live! There is a possibility for humans to enjoy life, enjoy each other, and live without fear and greed! This is called EQUAL MONEY!

Investigate EQUAL MONEY and learn of the future.


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