Check out the coming book called Philosophy at War

Philosophy at war is a book due to be delivered by the great author Niklas Nydalh, loved and cherished as a brilliant poet and writer in Sweden, maybe not by everyone, but at least by the one most important person in Sweden – of course – here I am speaking of the Swedish inhabitant Viktor Persson, which also happens to be the person writing this text – though I assure you, I am completely objective in all my judgments. And I have given myself the authority to speak upon the rest of Sweden’s, not as important, citizens – they state, cohesively and in unison, that Niklas rules and should be considered a author-demigod.

Okay, so let’s get on to the point. The book that in this moment is being crafted with a keyboard, by itching, explorative, and sensitive fingertips, will be handling the topic of the role that philosophy have had and has in this world. And how completely useless this academic discipline has turned out to be, as theory after theory is presented, yet no actual measurable and measurable change in the benefit of all emerge. Instead the world has, since the days of Plato and Aristotle, continued to nose dive into what could be today termed as, hell on earth – with abuse ever cycling outwards and upwards to an ever-greater abuse and disregard for life.

So, we definitely need someone to expose this bullshit. Instead of spending our time thinking about useless and dogmatic principles, that never ever work when applied in the physical reality, we could do something with our hands and our mouths within the simple starting point of what is best for all. There – solution given! Stop thinking now philosophers! You only need one rule to which you abide and this one rule, if lived and practiced, will bring through heaven on earth – the simplicity will astound you. The rule is, as I’ve already said, do what is best for all! Live what is best for all! Make Jesus words to be the living flesh, give to another what you would like to receive, and voila! No more need for bullshit and apparently smart and intellectual theories.

Investigate people. You don’t want to miss this book. It’s going to be the real rapture, as your pre-programmed mind will be swept clean by the penetrating insights of common sense, delivered to you in words.

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