How to Study like a God


In about one week I have my exam and due to that I am each day studying several hours. I’ve been realizing a fascinating thing doing this.

Throughout the course my teachers and classmates have always found cool and relevant information, pertaining to the assignments we’ve had, that I just couldn’t seem to find. I wondered where and how they found it. Did they read some other books? They did search the Internet more? Did they have some secret super webpage that they visited? What was it that I was missing in my studies?

So, when I sat down and began to read through all my books, to prepare myself for my exam, I read each page carefully, I underlined what I found interesting with a marking pen and I wrote down in my note block what I thought would be useful for the exam. And to my ‘amazement’, as I am not THAT amazed, all the ‘secret’ information, that my classmates, teachers and peers had been sharing with me during this semester, is located in my books! I’ve just missed it!

I find it it’s cool to see how much that I’ve learned simply through being thorough and patient within my studies, because that is what I haven’t been up until now, and that is why I missed all of the cool and relevant information. I’ve been reading my books fast, wanting to get through them as soon as possible, jumping from book to book in order to find the relevant information – instead of taking it slow, one book at a time, one page at a time, one breath at a time, reading until I understand and until I am satisfied that I know what I am dealing with. If I had done this since the start of my studies, my god! My studies would have been much more simple!

Another thing that I did was that I often read books in my bed, now this is cool to do with novels – but with pure fact books it’s simply not effective. As there is so much information, therefore one have to be active and write it down, and underline with a pen, and prepare a material to be used later at the exam. I didn’t realize the importance to prepare myself, during the entirety of my semester, for my exam and accumulate the relevant information through writing it down on a paper; on top of that preparing myself patiently, concentrative, disciplinary, and slowly – because that is the key I have realized, to be able to study effectively. One has to take each point slowly, look at all the relevant information, be patient and read the ‘key sentence’, that doesn’t stick, several times to then write it down and place it one’s own words. Making sure that each point is dealt with before one move on to the next.

So, this can be likened with how one must walk process, in order to walk process effectively. Each point must be dealt with thoroughly, meticulously, detailed, precisely, patiently and slowly, one has to give full attention to the task at hand, and realize that nothing will come quick, and nothing will come easy – it will take discipline, commitment and discipline. But if done, there is a reward. In the university they give you a good grade, and in process you give to yourself life.

To summarize – living patience, meticulousness, precision, concentration, discipline, commitment, thoroughness, and dedication – that’s the key to make yourself, and your studies align with perfection.


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