Why do sex sell? Why is sex profitable?

Why do sex sell? That is a question that can be easily answered – simply ask yourself the question – how much do I want to have sex?

You will find that your answer is, in most cases, that you want to have much sex – in fact so much sex that you could be termed as a sex-addict; completely enthralled and lost in the energy buzz of or the hope and dream of the most orgasmic, sexual, succulent, vibratory experience of sexual ecstasy ever to be had. This is a desire that almost everyone have – the continuous and unquenchable thirst of wanting to fulfill what the mind commands.

So, the simple reason as to why sex sells and why it is profitable is because we are completely addicted to it. It’s a product and/or service we believe ourselves to need and require – and as such allot of money can be made out of it.

Though, this industry, as the sexual industry is not like other industries, the sex-addiction of man has a nasty backside, and that is trafficking, child sex slaves, rape, objectification of women, objectification of men – the consequence of our accepted and allowed desire to have sex, all the time, with everyone, is grave. And we can’t blame the porn magazines; we can’t blame porn videos or San Francisco’s young female porn actresses, as being the cause for this revolution of the consumption of pictures of human flesh. We have accepted and allowed ourselves to manifest this through becoming directed by our desire to have sex, the sex industry is not something that is separate from whom we are – but it’s an outflow of who we are.

So, when a child becomes sold as a sex slave, when a female is raped on her way home from her work; it’s all outflows of our collective acceptance and allowance as the human race – pedophilia, necrophilia, having sex with animals, violent sex – nothing can be regarded as to have been created by an apparent bad sex industry. It’s all from us, it’s the very nature of our minds that is shown in the horrid acts committed around the world, wherein human-beings are abused, disregarded and violated in order to satisfy another’s sexual lusts and pleasures.

The question one should ask is – is there a solution to this problem? How am I responsible for what have manifested in this world? How have I been directed by the desire to have sex, how have I supported the sex industry with money? Giving a demand for atrocities to unfold.

And, is there another way to look at sexuality? Is there a way to have sex wherein the sexual experience of self isn’t directed by pictures, emotions or feelings?

There are many cool questions to be answered and much to be discovered in the realm of sexuality, but first we must annihilate what sexuality has become, as a reflection of our addiction to thoughts and energy. In order to actually discover what sex is capable of being, we must return to the physical – stop our minds, as likes, dislikes, fears, wants, desires – and realize that real sex does not hold it’s origin in a short 10 second orgasm, based upon some pictures meeting the eye, but upon physical touch and presence. Being aware of the physical and moving oneself, with another, in and as breath here as self-enjoyment. Wherein the movement of self is unconditional and not enslaved to time and space, as the desire for an orgasm.

So, if you want to find out more – I suggest you visit Desteni I Process where we are training ourselves to become effective life participants.


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