Graduation Day! Welcome to the World of Bullshit!

Yesterday the third year college students of Sweden ran out from their schools, waving with their hands, shouting, screaming and consuming massive amounts of alcohol – they had done their time.

This event I find to be bizarre and completely delusional. What I find strange is that these college students run out from the school, apparently achieving freedom and having ‘their whole life ahead of them’ – being seen by society as the ‘bright new future’. While in-fact all that awaits them is 60 years of slavery in the system and then they die.

Yes, it’s sad but this is all that our world and the system have become. You go to school as a child, beginning at 6 years of age. There you stay until you are 19, when you are to run out from the college buildings and leave the slavery behind, because now you can apparently ‘choose what to do in life’. Or so they say.

In reality you will not be free, you will not be able to ‘choose what do in your life’ and you have no  ‘whole life ahead of you’ – this is but brainwashing, massive amounts of bullshit that has been thrown at you – to have you accept yourself as a slave. Nobody ever wanted to go to school, because it’s extremely boring and unsatisfying, so a dream had to be made up, a fantasy had to be built. And the rainbow fairy tale is that you are to become free and fulfilled when you push yourself out from those school corridors, thinking: finally it’s the end of this bullshit.

No, it’s not the end of this bullshit. Now you’re left by yourself in this ruthless and cold-hearted money system, where nobody cares about you, and you’re only worth as much money as you’ve got in your pocket. That is the life which awaits all those that graduate. The bullshit taught in school doesn’t give justice to the horror that our actual real system consists of.

The one point that hit me in the face as I quit college was that nobody gave a fuck about me, there was nothing in life waiting for me, there was no hope, and there was nowhere to turn. All around me was an endless desert of bullshit where the prime objective was money – there simply wasn’t any life, anything worthy of living for. Who the fuck wants to live only to earn money? There is no point in only living for money. There is no substance in money. You can buy food and shit with it but it can’t make you satisfied and it can’t have you enjoy yourself for real. For that you don’t require money or the massive amounts of possessions that come with it. Consuming is not a pleasure, it’s not real joy, it’s not real self-expression – it’s bullshit and should be banned.

So, this is why I see the event of these graduating students running out into apparent freedom as bizarre. Because there is no fucking freedom. There is nothing to be fucking happy about. Your running out into a world filled will suffering, slavery, depression, hatred, separation, demon-possession and violence. There is nothing to wave your hat around for.

Though, I suspect few will read and even fewer will agree with what I say. Thus we shall wait a couple of years, so that you might have some experiences as to what this world has become. And this goes for everyone. Everyone is going to crash at an individual level, until we understand that consummation and greed is not valid principles to live by. Until then – have fun!


One thought on “Graduation Day! Welcome to the World of Bullshit!

  1. Niek

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I believe it is quiet true what you are saying. Some people just could not understand that I did not celebrate my graduation. Mind you, I’m not pessimistic or depressive, but to cheer for becoming a slave is something that goes to far for me. Thanks for your article!



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