How I Got to Desteni

1.  How you got to desteni

A year after I finished high-school I came to the conclusion, with conviction, that life as lived in society in-fact was nothing more but bullshit. Everything circled around money, alcohol and sex — my escape at that moment in time was the drug marijauna, which I consumed to a great extent. So, I couldn’t anymore bear living in ‘normal’ society, going around in cirlcles of partying, working, and looking at movies — something had to happen in my life — I had to challenge myself somehow.

At that moment in time I also entered a depression, something that can be refered to as ‘the great depression’ as it was extensive. It went as far as me actually drinking wine on evenings only to be able to escape the disgust, and turmoil I faced within me — there was simply no enjoyment left in life and that is what I wanted to run away from.

So, as I said — I decided to challenge myself. I decided to do something I was afraid of doing, go away all by myself to some different and excotic land, hoping to find a paradise with no money, lot’s of beautiful women and marijauna — lol. I picked up my guitar, left my friends, leaving to live out my imaginary dream of a paradise far away.

I was utterly disappointed at paradise when I arrived, which happened to be Thailand, the reason being that everything here did also only circle around money, sex and alcohol, and it was to much for me — so I decided to volonteer on a small kindergarten school and teach english. This was quite fun, and it was here that I sat down by a computer, and I typed in ‘Lao Tzu’, as I had been researching his work — I found a girl that said she was ‘Lao Tzu’ speaking through a portal, I became amazed, and since then I have been ‘stuck’ with desteni.

2. Why I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality

Because I’ve seen the suffering in this world first hand, I’ve seen a mother in India raising her children in the gutter, I’ve seen families in South Africa living in small mud huts, I’ve seen my parents running around in fear and anxiety, possessed with survival attempting to scramble enough money for rent and food; and this is simply not acceptable. I will not be apart of a life that is a struggle. I want to live life being able to do what I love to do, without worrying about where my next meal is going to come from, and everyone, no matter what, should have the right to a house over their head, and the basic support needed to live.

I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality because I will not accept and allow children to be abused, to become but cogs in the machinery, robbed of all their joy and desire to explore themselves, and this world. Earth is to be a playground for everyone! Not a playground for a few, believing they to be gods, having the right to abuse – no I will not have it that way. All people should be able to wake up each morning, excited and happy, because they know, that they will be able to live and enjoy themselves today – this is what I want for myself, and for everyone else.

3. What you understand to be “Heaven on Earth” is and

Heaven on earth is the place where you wake up, and you are satisfied, at ease, happy, excited, because there is support and assistance, there is meaning and value – you are living in a world that stands by the principle of what is best for all. Thus – you will not wake up to go to a job where only to make money, no, you go to your work in order to explore and expand yourself, investigate self-expression, or develop solutions that will support life, you do something that you enjoy to do!

In heaven you are supported, there is no manipulation, there is no unsafe places, human-beings take care of each-other, and the principle of do unto another as you would like to be done unto you has become living flesh. Animals and plants are integrated together with the human race, we live as one, wherein there is no more abuse taking place, and humans do not anymore see themselves as separate from earth.

It’s in-fact a place where you can trust everyone, nobody is anymore allow to be an abuser, you can’t be raped, you can’t be murdered, and the striving and struggle for money has ended. Now – in heaven – it’s time for you to discover what is actually possible to be done – what is actually life? That is heaven on earth.

4. 10 Videos that you like the most / had the most impact on you

Mind Consciousness System Research Desteni Emanuel

1 The Matrix of Self-Perfection – and all the rest of them

Adolf Hitler series:

Jimi Hendrix – Music is One

Locating Your POWER – HoM103

Locating Your SILENCE

Freedom in Writing?

Peace and Bruce Lee

Kurt Cobain 2 from the Afterlife: DESTENI

Portal History series:


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