Teacher Brutally Murdered

In an article in Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, it’s today to be read about a brutal murder, committed by three youngsters in their twentieths, with the victim being a man in his fifties, working as a teacher.

It was late at night and the three youngsters where at a bar consuming alcohol. Suddenly one of them said that he was angry at his teacher, upon which he decided to visit him, with the rest of the youngsters following. They arrived at the man’s apartment; he opened, received a kick in his stomach and fell to the floor. The youngsters continued to abuse the man, recording the event with a cell-phone, ending up with stabbing him 26 times with a kitchen knife, finally saying: good, good, now he’s dead.

So, an extremely brutal and violent attack — wherein alcohol was one factor the reason as to why this happened. This kind of events will become more usual and happen more and more – man is now about to face himself as backchat and if you do not take responsibility for yourself as thoughts, feelings and emotions; watch out, your going to hurt yourself and others, as happened here.

Thus – we need to ask ourselves some serious questions. Why does our youth become murderers? Why is alcohol allowed in society? Is it because, we don’t care about our youth? Because all we care about is achieving money and making profit? And is alcohol allowed because it’s a good income generator? Generating money but destroying life.

The answer is – yes – obviously. Our children grow up to become psychopaths because society never supported them to be anything else but money-generators. Life, as the enjoyment of exploring and expressing self here was destroyed with fear, and the fear of survival programmed into the pure and innocent newcomers to this world.

There are no bad children and there isn’t any bad youths – there is only a fucked up education process, that removes all life, meaning and morality from the experience of these small people. Then they grow up to become adults, without a regard or consideration for equality, as a life that is best for all – and now we pay the consequence. Murder and atrocities is the consequence for not considering life but only money and profit.

So, in order to stop this atrocity, in order to re-educate yourself and become pure in heart once again, standing up as morality, meaning and life even though nobody else cares – investigate Desteni and ‘Desteni I Process’. Learn how to stop yourself before it’s to late – we do not need to murder each-other and suffer in order to realize that we must change.




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