Why Alcohol Makes You A Pre-Historic Zombie Moron

Yesterday Sweden erupted in a drug-frenzied ecstasy as it was time celebrate the holiday, known in Swedish as ‘Midsommarafton’. Translated to English it would be called midsummers eve. It’s a traditional party day that all Swedish people since small children have been exposed to. According to tradition you are at this day to become extremely drunk, dance around a pole in the ground that is dressed in leaves and hopefully get achieve sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite sex – then you’ve had a great midsummers eve!

Obviously, when people get drunk – people become stupid and demon-possessed. So, this morning as I look in the newspaper, there is a large column of various horrific events that has taken place during the night. Let me share some of them with you: one man decided about 11 pm yesterday night, with all certainty extremely drunk, to head out on a metal roof about 15 above ground. He then proceeded to slip, fall down, hit the ground and almost die; he’s still alive though.

Let’s continue. The police comments that all of their drunkard jail-cells, yes we actually have jail-cells specifically reserved for drunks, was filled to the brim. The officer in charge explains the situation, as to the drunkards, with one very fitting sentence: people become fucking stupid when they drink!

A man got beat up with a baseball bat in a town called Säffle. One young man and one young women got attacked and beaten – they where brought to the hospital with serious injuries. One 21-year-old man drove of the road and died, probably he was drunk. A motorcycle driver drove straight into a tree and was brought to the hospital unconscious, also with much certainty drunk.

A man and a woman got burnt to death as their holiday house went up in flames. Alive candles and being drunk is not a suggested combination, though is just my theory as to why the house got burnt down – they went to bed without putting out the candles. It’s easy to forget things when you’re drunk! And finally, in the northwestern part of Skåne two dead men where found and they are believed by the police to have been murdered.

So, what a great night! Right! Alcohol makes life fun! Right? Really people. Look at what the fuck we are doing. We are killing ourselves through consuming drugs, becoming like possessed monkeys, or actually it’s degrading to call drunk human beings monkeys, to the monkeys that is, let’s instead call them possessed zombies. Because when you get drunk and you start to scream, shout and completely forget that your actions has consequences and that you exist in a reality that is real – you’re a drunk zombie. The definition of a zombie in this case would be, someone without a brain that still holds the ability to walk around and do things.

We forbid criminal actions like murder and theft but we allow alcohol, what the fuck? Isn’t all of this shit happening in only one night proof enough that alcohol should be banned? And the companies providing alcohol should be charged with murder! I mean, why do we accept, allow and actually encourage people to detriment themselves to the stage of pre-historic zombie idiots with the sole intentions in mind of sex and physical fist fights – why?!?!?! Maybe we are fucking stupid? Or, maybe some other zombies want to make profit out of alcohol and thus promote and sell it with no regard as to the consequences this shit has for people.

And how fucking trustworthy is our school and our politicians when they do not educate people as to the consequences of alcohol and no single effort is made to forever ban alcohol from this world. I mean, if I go voting, how the fuck can I trust the politicians that I vote for if they drink? They are simply uneducated pre-historic zombie morons, I won’t vote for anyone like that; neither will I vote someone that doesn’t hold to legislate against the complete stop of all alcohol consumption. Because if you allow alcohol, through not doing anything about it, then tacitly you’re as much responsible as the zombies that produce and sell it to make profit.

But there is a solution. Research the equal money system. There are people that actually care about the well being of you and your family. In a couple of years the Equal Life Party will be born – be ready then as it will be politics like you’ve never seen it before. Politics with actual real principles as to what is best for all as it’s foundation. Gotdamn, finally some integrity will be breathed into the walls of the parliament.

Equal Money is the solution. Equal Life Party is the conveyor. Do your homework! And stop the alcohol!

Facts taken from: C, Bergfeldt, Nivette Dawod. “Fylla, brott och olyckor”. Aftonbladet. 2011-06-25. <http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article13227811.ab&gt;



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