And God Created Bullfighting

Yes, god decided one day, while in a very mischievous mood, to have some fun. He created bullfighting! This marvelous sport consisting of a human being killing a bull – with a sword; and God was pleased! But the bull was fucking pissed off, though God couldn’t care less – he had to much fun ravaging and murdering with his cool Sword, in his cool red pants, with his cool jacket – man he thought he looked so cool.

So, that is the story off how bullfighting was created. God was bored out of his mind and decided that he wanted to see blood – because that made him excited. And as God’s loyal servants, we decided to make his wish come through, as we lived out our pre-programming and began killing bulls for our own pleasure.

The reason that I am writing about this topic today is due to a news article that I read: it told of a bullfighter that failed to do her fighting – yes it was actually a she. Instead of fighting she had her thigh penetrated by the horn of the bull and was then taken for a short ride. She began to bleed and concerned humans ran to help her and she eventually ended up on a hospital – while the bull got killed.

What a fuck-up. The poor fucking bull never had any say about anything. He was probably eating grass somewhere, then he got jacked up with drugs and sent into an arena to fight a crazed psychopath called a matador. Yes, in gods beautiful creation, apparently certain inhabitants are worth more than others and man is apparently worth the most – or at least he acts as if he does. Because, why did no one care for the bull? Why wasn’t the bull rushed of to the hospital? I mean the poor bull, if he were a human, would probably have been freed in court as to acting in self-defense – what was he supposed to do? He was faced with this crazy psychopath human that tried to kill him.

But fascinatingly enough, the bull got killed and the matador sent off to hospital. And all the humans watching had a good and exciting show – god was pleased. That some people profess love and light, while these types of horrific shows are accepted and allowed to take place on earth is completely unbelievable.

Obviously man requires massive re-education. At the moment man is a bloodthirsty maniac that isn’t able to live without harming his fellow neighbors. This programming of god, as the parents, as society, as the acceptance of man as evil must be removed from existence forever. We must end the belief that man is somehow privileged to follow his thoughts, his desires, wishes and wants no matter the cost – free choice must be banned – man must discipline himself to be kind – MAN-KIND.

Because consider why bullfighting exists: it exists because man finds it exciting and it makes him feel alive. And that another has to die for man to feel alive is justified with the belief that man apparently is superior to animals and holds the freedom to do as he please – without ever facing any consequence. Though, as will be shown in the years to come, there exist a consequence for everything that we do or do not do. And man will come to face himself as what he have accepted and allowed – either he will change – or he will cease to exist. I prefer we change, because we all hold to ability to live self-perfection – it only takes will, self-discipline and patience but it’s possible.

So, if you’re interested in becoming kind and to become apart of man-KIND instead of the human-RACE – then investigate Desteni I Process, as this is the course that will guide you to perfection – though you´ll have to do all the hard work. You can only lead the horse to the water, but the horse has to drink it himself.

Anyway – enjoy your breath and live what is best for all – bye!

Facts taken from: Forsberg, A. “20-årig matador spetsad av tjur”. SVT Rapport. 2011-06-27. <;


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