New Greece Bailout-Package Voted Through

Yesterday the Greece bailout package got voted through in opposite to the want of the thousands upon thousands of demonstrators, that for the last seventy days have barricaded themselves upon the constitutional square in front of the parliament building in Athens. Obviously, the outflow of such decision will give even more fuel to the fire, as the rage the fuels the demonstrators to fight tear-gas, throw rocks at the police and destroy property.

But what is the fascinating thing to be realized, as parliament votes through a bill, even though the calamity, as the violent opposition towards such a decision increase by the day; violence is useless! Really – to go out on the streets and demand justice through violence doesn’t work, as the origin of the problem, as to why Greece and its inhabitants find themselves in this dire position still isn’t considered.  And violence will not educate people – it will not help people to understand how we’ve come to this position where we find ourselves today, where the young simply do not see any other point to life but to go out and fight against the officials.

It’s not that Greece politicians are especially bad people or that the world is unfair towards Greece – or that Greece people do not work hard enough. It’s not that politics is a sneaky business filled with conspiracies – wherein we, as the people must apparently fight the politicians in order to take back our rights. No – what must be understood is that everyone is responsible for this situation – EU is not to blame, USA is not to blame and Greece is not to blame – where all individually to blame – or rather – to be held accountable. Because it’s none other than ourselves that have participated in and accepted and allowed this current money system to become the law of life, as how the world must function. And it’s this very money system, as it’s very core principle, as debt, that is makes out the origin to the problem that Greece face.

That is why violence won’t amount to anything, as it’s simply a fit of rage, as blame, as a tantrum thrown against the apparent bad guys – the politicians. While at the same time, these demonstrators hold no understanding what so ever as to how our situation have come to be, and as such know of no solution – and aren’t in-fact interested in any solution – but to blame and show their discontent with those apparently responsible. See – no one shows any discontent when our current money system is working for him or her and they are able to have money – but when money disappears – suddenly it’s all rage; while not understanding that our current money system is built upon the principle of have and have not’s – somebody must loose for another to win – somebody must become a slave for another to become a master; it’s really so obvious. That is why there has always been ‘a Greece’, as a poor country with inhabitants that live in poverty; because someone must loose their money for another to gain money – and apparently money is this intrinsic resource upon which the fate of the world must be decided; or is it?

Is debt real? Must there be have not’s for there to be haves? Is there the possibility to actually remove ‘the Greece’ situation, as massive debt and poverty, forevermore, as a experience for people in this world?

Obviously there is! See – we created the idea of debt. We created our current money system within and as the principle that all must not have and you can’t be given anything unconditionally as there is apparently lack in this world – you must first earn money to get anything. But who decided this? And why? We did! We decided this individually in and as our day-to-day lives, wherein we wanted something for that which we gave, we wanted something back, and we became possessed with greed, need and desire – instead of giving to another as you would like yourself to receive.

So, this is why politicians are not to blame, politicians are not be held accountable – you are to hold yourself accountable! Look in your own life where you acted solely from the starting point of wanting to acquire money, as the intent of that action, holds the answer to the riddle as to – why the people of Greece must suffer in order to pay back debt. As debt is the very statement of man, that ‘I want something from you for me to do something for you’ – that has led us to the path of ruin.

This is why violence is not the solution – as it’s not aimed to sort out the very cause, reason and origin that is debt, as reluctance to live in a way that is best for all, the group, as the collective, as existence. That is why the solution to our problems is a political and democratic one – achieved through peaceful means – wherein we through understanding of what we’ve done and how we came here – correct ourselves. The solution is an equal money system – as system wherein the principle of ‘give to another as you would to receive’ is re-established, as no one anymore is given the possibility to live the good life upon another’s misery and suffering; no more slavery!

For an equal money system to become reality, people must agree to give to each other that which they would like to receive. They must agree to give up their position and their stature, their money, their wealth and realize that as long we accept and allow there to be have not’s – there will also be suffering in this world – there will be violence – and there will be fear between people.

Thus – stop throwing stones. Realize that this problem goes deeper than Greece debt and it’s bailout plan – no teargas or property destruction will ever sort out this problem. Instead – man must actually change – become and live as benevolence and learn to love his neighbor as himself; this is the only solution!

Stop being a retarded monkey and come back to reality – and if you’re already here – then investigate equal money for all.


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