I Became a Thief for A Few Seconds

Yesterday as I went shopping with my mother I came to face an interesting part of myself. So, we where standing in the shopping queue and the cashier were registrating our groceries. I decided to go down to the end of the conveyor belt, on which our groceries slid down after having been noted; in this process I went through the ‘thief detectors’, those plastic pillars at the end of a shop, designed to react when a magnetic strip that isn’t yet deactivated by the cashier, is brought through, and obviously – the alarm went off.

Yellow light began to blink and a sharp sound went through the store. I was like, shit! Is this me doing this shit? But – I pushed myself to remain here as breath and instead of me being called to the counter – the guy next to me was called to report with the cashier. During this moment I actually reacted, but I was still able to, at least portray myself as calm – lol.

Then the moment of truth arrived as the cashier let of the man and he commenced to venture through the plastic pillars with no alarm going off – suddenly – I was the convict! So, the cashier asked me if I could go back and then enter through the plastic pillars again. As I did what was ordered of me, obviously the alarm went off, and suddenly this experience of extreme embarrassment started to raise within me – because now I was a criminal – the alarm had caught me and people now thought that I had stolen something; this was the thought pattern that went through my mind and in relation to this I felt very uncomfortable – and much like I wanted to hide or escape through the floor of the store.

But I still held myself together and I didn’t fall down upon the floor in shock as to this ‘extreme’ and ‘unexpected’ event occurring in my world. I proceeded to get myself out of this situation and so I ventured to the cashier that said to me: you probably have stuff in your pockets that make the alarm go off. This was when fascinating stuff began to happen – as I noticed that I didn’t really have any control over myself – it was like I acted in total survival autopilot – as I gave my wallet and key’s to the cashier, experiencing quite the ball of anxiety in my chest; instead of simply walking down to the pillars of plastic myself, removing my wallet and keys and walking through. It was like simply gave up all common sense and self-direction, as all I desired and wanted to do was to please this cashier and have her spare my life!

So, I gave her my keys and my wallet and she said – put them on the conveyor belt, which I did – and then I walked through the plastic pillars which where now pleased with my presence as they didn’t sound their alarm. I noticed that I feared to pick up my wallet and my keys lying on the conveyor belt, because I had been ordered to not do so, while I knew, that if I picked up my keys and wallets, now when I had received permission from the gods of plastic to exist as a free man, there was really no practical use of having my keys and wallets there – so I picked them up! And the event ended!

As it was all over I became amazed at how much I had reacted towards this point. I had reacted to the fact of being seen by others as a criminal and I had reacted towards authority through giving up all self-direction and simply following what another told me to do – in order to escape punishment. It was fascinating.

As I got home and applied self-forgiveness on the point I realized that I had separated myself from criminals, the outcasts of this world, seeing them as something shameful and inferior to the apparent ‘good’ citizen of this world – while in-fact the very existence of the ‘good’ citizen marks the creation of the ‘bad’ outcast citizen.

Thus – I realized that there is nothing immoral about stealing, there is nothing embarrassing about being an outcast, no-one is more good than me, or more bad than me – as we are all apart of and responsible for a system that supports the very existence of theft and becoming an outcast. There is no one that can be said to be moral, as either we are all moral – as we are collectively creating a system that supports everyone, or we are all immoral, as we collectively create a system wherein people are forced to crime in order to survive.

Thus – I stand one and equal as the criminal here – ending separation – realizing that if there is but one criminal, as a thief on this earth, I am as responsible for his life as he himself is – as I accepted and allowed myself to be apart of the very origin issue, as to why he became a criminal – a unequal money system!

This means that the solution to end crime and to have all people be ‘good’ – is equal money – as we end the polarity of have and have not’s and instead establish only have’s. Then morality will be real.

As to the point of authority – well – it’s a fascinating point. Seeking to be accepted, following orders without a second thought, only to avoid a possible punishment. It’s fascinating to see how automated these points are – and how much I’ve given up the ability to direct myself effectively, through wanting and desiring to have another direct me instead – within the belief that they are apparently more powerful than me; they are not! There are in-fact no authorities – there is but one authority and that is me. The fact that I perceive and act as if there are authorities outside of me – only shows to me that I’ve given up myself as self-authority.

Thus – I stand up as breath and I become the author of me once again – as the movement and direction in the moment that isn’t derived from fear – but from within and as the principle of what is best for all.


3 thoughts on “I Became a Thief for A Few Seconds

  1. Manuela J

    we fear being judged as outcasts and criminals because we judge criminals as separate from us as not “worthy” as less than us – yet we have a system where anyone is a potential criminal any give time because the system says so.


  2. Talamon Joseph Berta

    Thanks for sharing this, Viktor. Great Self-assistance. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react with anxiety and polarizing with anger to the system when alarm goes on me at shopgate or airport check instead of realizing that I’ve programmed myself so and I can STOP.
    Within an Equal Money System this preprogramming would not occur with the children at the first place anyway…



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