And God Created Depression

Why did god create depression? Why did god create laziness? Why did god create apathy? Didn’t god intend for his creation to live a fulfilled, happy and satisfying life? Why did god create man with the ability to experience the above-mentioned mental states?

Obviously, the question that comes to mind is, was god evil? Or, is god evil? And I mean, considering the fact that god is the creator, he’s omnipotent, all knowing, all wise, then he must’ve known what he did. Did he then create all of this shit only for the fun of it? Because, obviously, he must’ve been deliberate, a god is always deliberate; else he wouldn’t be all wise, all knowing and omnipotent.

Why didn’t god create man to be satisfied with himself? Why didn’t god create man with the ability to enjoy himself? Why didn’t god give man the ability to appreciate himself? Why didn’t god give man the ability to be disciplined and patient? Why did god give man such lousy fucking gifts? Depression – what a great gift god – thanks!

And then we go and pray in church, drink Jesus blood, and eat his flesh, and call such a event forgiveness – what the fuck? It’s fucking cannibalism. And god yet again shows his twisted creational taste, through sacrificing his one son, saying that man can’t forgive himself, but must eat my son to do it. Something is seriously wrong with god and the entire point of religion in this reality. How can we place our trust in a god that created depression? How can we place our trust in a god that sacrificed his one son? To be eaten over and over again?

Why have we abdicated our own power to the twisted imagination of this evil god? Then we’re grateful when he takes us into heaven with him, what the fuck? Now you have to spend eternity with a psychopath – how is that cool in anyway? I would much rather be with the devil in hell, because at least he’s honest with himself, I mean, he comes out and shares with everyone that he’s fucking evil, and he’s going to destroy everything. God on the other hand presents this image of himself as a cool guy, the bearded and nice man in the sky, which in reality is a complete psychopath.

Yes, it’s fascinating to see how so many adore a murderer, a cold-hearted and evil creator. They even give their lives to him here on earth, living out their years going to church, following his words, and fearing his wrath. Because often that’s why people follow him, they fear him. Not because he’s smart, intelligent, he’s cool and he stands as an example of what you would like to become – no – because you’re afraid of him. Afraid of someone that is invisible, of which there is no proof what so ever, of which there is only a book about that is 2000 years old – I mean, it’s complete non-sense.

Yeah, god is an asshole, he really is, and he deserves no one to pray to him. He would do best to come down to earth and live as a man for a while, as his own creation, as depressed, or lazy, or apathetic, so he could see how fun it is to have these experiences.

Luckily, there is a way to end god’s interference in our life’s, and delete his presence – that is the course called ‘Desteni I Process’ – as well as the tools of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, writing, vlogging, and self-correction – so we can stand up and live as we’ve would like to live instead.

So, kill god and birth yourself as life from the physical.


One thought on “And God Created Depression

  1. Peter

    Good questions – turning those ideas around and asking why is a powerful thought experiment! Once those sugar-coated answers go away, you have shown some of the bad apples inside. Thanks!



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