And God Created… Science

And god created science, and the university, the learned man and the stupid man – why?

Why didn’t god give everyone as they came here to this planet the same knowledge? All the knowledge required to live an effective life? Why did he make certain people smarter than other people? Calling them professors, wise and learned – while the rest are apparently doomed to stupidity, and to learn from those more wise that’s apparently holding the secrets of life?

Why did god create inequality? Couldn’t god see in his all-knowingness, in his wisdom and omnipotence – that if he created inequality – he would create jealousy, competition, self-importance, EGO and narcissism as well? Couldn’t god see that he created those that would feel inferior and pushed away by the education system, at the same time as he created those that felt, and was embraced and supported by the education system, due to their effective grades?

Why did god create a education system where people are pitted against each other, graded and compared in their ability to learn knowledge, to then be valued according to this ability as apparently ‘who they are’. I mean, why didn’t god consider all worthy of acceptance and love? Why only those few that managed to learn the knowledge of our education system verbatim, and then spit it out in perfect syntax and with perfect grammar – it simply doesn’t make sense what so ever.

The reason I pick this topic to write about is because I am currently studying a summer course at my university in regards to economical history – how our various laws and policies have been passed; who’s been the major influences and who hasn’t and why. And the thing that strikes me as I read – is how completely meaningless this knowledge is. And the meaninglessness of the knowledge is truly revealed when on one page there is one professor stating one thing, and then on the next page there is a new professor stating the opposite but on the very same subject!

I mean, when something like that happens, it’s time to seriously consider if the theories and knowledge we produce at our universities is truly real, and can actually be considered ‘truth’ – or if it’s just bullshit made up to make money. I mean, these professors got to research about something, and they got to make a name for themselves in someway – they must have money. So, obviously they will have to come up with something, some cool story, when they write their books.

Obviously, looking at education from a common sense perspective, we see that there can only be one fucking truth. The reason being = there is only one fucking reality. If you have several truths in the same reality, this means something has been missed, and reality hasn’t yet been discovered, or that some of the truth-claimers are missing reality.

I mean, in observing reality, two researchers should come to the exact same findings, if they don’t, this means that they haven’t in-fact observed reality, but only their own made up mind-bullshit. Or maybe they’ve simply made something up that sound cool – I mean, or maybe they’ve thrown a dice when they selected which theory they should push.

I am so fucking tired of theories, I am so fucking tired of science, got damnit – in this search for truth we miss the truth that is here – simplicity. All our science in the world hasn’t yet produced a solution for starvation, that implies that our science is severely limited and really of no use what so ever. Let’s face it – our science is only entertainment, it’s something we do because we think we’re smart, and we find out new stuff, that apparently no one has found out before, so we can apparently discover ‘the secret’ and then feel all mysterious, in awe and good about ourselves.

My god – there is no secret!

I also thought for a long time that I had to find myself, or I had to find the truth that is somehow hidden just in-front of my eyes, until I realized that there is nothing hidden in front of my eyes, what I see is what is here; there is nothing more to figure out – reality is based upon cause and effect and that’s how simple it is – as such there is only one single truth, and that truth is able to be seen by everyone, and without any effort or struggle. One simply removes the mind-bullshit as one’s own private reality, as thoughts, feeling and emotions – and suddenly the real reality become visible, as this physical actual reality that is right here.

And I mean – why should I go around attempting to find myself? And find truth? I am here – I breathe and I am here – that’s it – I am found! And as to the truth, the truth is here, as this world, and the solutions that can in-fact make it a better world is right in front of our eye’s and very simple; yet we don’t see them! Because we don’t want to! Because if we decide to in fact see what is here, and what the solutions are to solve the crisis that is here, we would see that it entails giving up our mind, as our separate reality, and in-fact living in a way that’s best for all, and we simply won’t do that – yet.

So, while our scientists waste their time inventing theories, further separating themselves from the real reality, and I have to sit and read this shit, apparently ‘broadening my perspective’ and ‘learning something’ – the world spirals into a complete fucking mess. And still there is no solution to starvation, because that would in-fact require some practical changes to take place, considering all life that is here and not only ourselves; and so for that has not been our strong side. We’ve much more liked to invent cool theories and entertain ourselves, while continuing to live out our day-to-day destructive behavior, waiting for god to take us to heaven, so that we can live for eternity.

My god – everything in this world is so fucked up and twisted.

But I mean, the buck stops with me, I am going to stop my mind as my own scientist in my head, as my own research, existing in a separate reality, lost in my thoughts, in a little bubble between my ears. I’ve decided to come back to reality – this one reality that we all share – and in-fact support myself and everyone else in this reality to have a cool life, and see the actual truth that is here, and as such enable myself to apply a real and actual solution; finally giving up my self-interest and desire for myself to live a cool life, while everyone else is disregarded.

Yeah – I am coming back to reality, if you was to tag along then visit, and sing up in the desteni I process – the course of reality exploration.

Until next time!


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