Communism is the Law of Attraction

Communism is based upon the same principle as the law of attraction. Now – let’s look at how this is so.

Firstly – what is the principle that the law of attraction is based upon? It’s based upon the principle of lack. Consider how it is that you create through using the law of attraction: you create through stating that you’re lacking something. An example would be the following: I lack money, as such I will through thinking and imagination, through envisioning me with money, a long with building up that nice feeling of ownership, create money in my world – using the emotion and experience within you as lack, as not having any money, to create a polarity feeling of have, as having money.

As such you have defined yourself as a have not within yourself as well as created the polarity of have – as how you would think and experience yourself if you had money. And as such you’re creating from a starting point of lack, as I currently do not have – and I must have – in order to be satisfied with myself and my life.

Before we look at how communism is based upon the same principle as the law of attraction I will shortly explain the idea of communism.

Communist theory claims there are two distinct classes in society: the workers and the employers. Further it claims that all suffering in society comes from the employers using the workers labor to earn money, reaping more rewards than what the workers do, as such creating lack and stealing resources from the worker. The solution that is proposed is that the workers revolt and overthrow the employers and ‘take back’ the rewards of their labor.

Now let’s look at how communism operates by the same principle as the law of attraction. As a communist worker you’d state: I don’t have enough power and influence in society, and I lack the rewards of my labor, I am as such a have not. And you then define yourself as lacking.

On the other hand, you think, those who have the power, influence and reap the rewards of my labor in society is ‘the employers’ as the have’s. And as such you create a polarity within yourself wherein you define yourself as the negative polarity, as lacking, and the employers as the positive polarity as those that have.

And then you proceed to apparently create your abundance through taking from those that have what you apparently do not have, and what you’re apparently unable to create and manifest for yourself. But, because you’re creating from a starting point of lack, as the polarity opposite of abundance, you’ll manifest this into the world – as now the employers will instead be those that lack, and you’ll be the one that holds the ownership.

The solution is to create without polarity, without a self-definition of oneself as either a have or have not – but instead create here as breath without a purpose of ‘building wealth’ aka ‘removing lack’ – because such a starting point implies that lack in-fact exists. Lack only exists when you accept and allow yourself to define yourself as lack and then create from the starting point of lack.

Equal Money is based upon the principle that there needn’t to be any revolution; we don’t need to take another’s assets in order to supply everyone with sufficient of resources to live a cool life – because there is in-fact enough for everyone. And instead of creating from a starting point of ‘I lack’ and consequently ‘I must have’ – we create from the starting point of common sense, as considering what expression or manifestation I could create that would support me, as well as the rest of life.

Whatever that may be ­– I’ll then simply create it – without having to confront and revolt towards another in order to do so. And as such we create our own wealth instead of whining, comparing, and defining ourselves according to definitions of have and have not’s – instead living what is best for all, being our own source of creation.

Creating something from nothing.


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