Academics has Proven to Be Useless

At the moment I am studying a course at the university called ‘Economic History’ – wherein I’ve had to read several books about governmental economical policies, theories about why certain countries are successful and others not, theories about how to best combat the market and make a killing; and it’s fascinating to see how pointless the literature is.

Because it’s just a bunch of interpretations, and an attempt to make sense out of a nonsensical system, wherein new words are given to things that are in essence the same; as communism, socialism, statism, liberalism, etaism, conservatism, and this could go on forever, but even though there are all these different names, at the end of the day, everyone is out there for the simple reason to make a killing, to become rich and have others be poor. And that’s why the literature is so unnecessary, because it describes a expression of man, making it so complicated and difficult to comprehend, that could have been said in one sentence; capitalism is human beings running around in fear and greed.

And nowhere in the literature is a solution mentioned to the problem of poverty, starvation, and all side effects there is of not having money – it’s not discussed what so ever. Instead various defensive and tactical measures receive a spot in the limelight, wherein the economist essentially attempt to give a theory, as how you can survive in this world, and make sure you don’t perish. Is this all we’ve come to? Is this all we’re going to exist as, mere robots attempting to survive and defend each other from our attacks?

Nowhere is it mentioned that the system is bullshit. Instead the system is taken for granted as an absolute of nature, just as the human nature is. Nothing is questioned or challenged as to what is really going on, and what capitalism actually is. Because obviously neither capitalism nor the nature of man is absolute truths of nature, seemingly unchangeable, because we’re able to change ourselves; and we are able to change our system. Why then stubbornly continue to hold on to a system that creates a fuck up for so many human beings?

It’s all just one big fuck up, and to read this academic literature really opens up my eye’s for how useless intelligence, cleverness and wittiness is. These scientists, researchers and economists, even though they have a enormous vocabulary, and are able to repeat economic history, as well as other economists theories from now and several hundred years back, they haven’t changed a thing for the better. Instead, all that they have done is to re-affirm and assert our current system of abuse, through not in-fact being critical of what is here, but only accepting.

The very fact that I have a solution to the world’s problems, that I have a theory that is in-fact so, and when implemented would change the experience of all the people in the world, makes me the worst economists and scientific researcher there is; because without a fucked up money system, without seemingly unexplainable problems, the academics wouldn’t have a job; as they thrive upon problems, difficulties and things that doesn’t really work, attempting to find a solution, yet never questioning the origin of the problem, which is our fucked up money system, that creates have and have not’s.

Even such a simple thing as our current debt system, and the way our money supply is being manipulated to create the illusions of progressions and regressions in our economic system isn’t properly shown or explained, it’s all just taken for granted.

It’s accepted that private persons should have the right to monopolize the creation of money, and as such hold the very found of society in their hands, and be so audacious, as to lend these money at an interest; making sure that everyone will be their slaves for eternity. It’s not acceptable.

That is why I want to say that it’s useless to look for solutions in books by academics, because they don’t want one, their income depends upon their being a shitty world and huge amount of problems that they can write and theorize about. Academics has proved to be nothing but bullshit, and as such we do need something to take it’s place, and that is Equal Money, and Desteni; we give solutions to both the human nature, as well as our current money system, challenging and questioning the very system we find ourselves in its origin.

Equal Money and Desteni are for those people that have had enough of sounding smart, well educated and reasonable, and instead want a change that lasts, and that gives everyone a life of pleasure and joy. So, investigate.


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